We could not let down the Punjabi Film Industry and decided to host the 10th Awards Edition in Virtual mode: Rabindra Narayan

On July 3, 2020, PTC Network will host the prestigious PTC Punjabi Film Awards online.


The 10th edition of the prestigious PTC Punjabi Film Awards is all set to be held virtually.

While most award shows are getting postponed or cancelled, PTC Network has decided to go ahead with the awards despite the challenges posed by covid-19.

On July 3, 2020 you can tune in to PTC PUNJABI on your TV screens or Facebook and watch the magic of this virtual award show that will bring together the heavyweights of the Punjabi Film Industry.

In an interview with Everything Experiential, Rabindra Narayan, MD & President, PTC Network spoke about the inspiration behind this virtual event and how PTC put together the biggest virtual event that will set an example globally.


Tell us about your upcoming PTC Punjab Virtual Film Awards, what is the driving thought behind this virtual event?

This is the 10th year that PTC would recognise the best of Punjabi Cinema. Unfortunately, due to Corona Lockdown, all events and activities got cancelled and there was no hope of doing our annual awards ceremony with the fanfare we have been doing it with for all these years. 

Everyone told us to give it up for this year. But we could not let down the Punjabi Film Industry, which has worked so hard over the last decade to come out of the total disaster it faced during the 80s and 90s of turbulent Punjab. So we thought of combining technology and innovation in programming techniques to create a virtual set where artistes could join each other virtually from wherever they are and we could have a virtual online ceremony with the same grandeur as it has always happened.

Nobody in the world has ever thought of doing a virtual online awards ceremony and we thought, like always, we should be the ones setting examples for the whole world.

What has been the response from the Punjabi Film Industry as far as these virtual awards are concerned?

People are very excited, hopeful, and still wondering how it is all shaping up together. Enthusiasm is the constant feeling we have been witnessing.

If we look at the technical aspect of this virtual event, how are you ensuring a seamless experience that resembles the actual event?

For starters, if you see the teaser of the event, you will notice Gurpreet Ghuggi and Divya Dutta preparing to host the show and having an engaging conversation. The truth is that Ghuggi was in his hometown Punjab and Divya in Mumbai. Nobody can say they are not together and not doing the anchoring from one spot. 

For the show, the duo as well as other stars like Ninja, Gurnam Bhullar and Harish Verma will be hosting the show on a virtual set from different cities. The audience would not even notice the fact that they are not together. Meet Bros are performing from Mumbai and similarly other artistes. For Gippy Grewal and Sunanda Sharma performances, the dancers are in Delhi while the artistes are in Mohali. But they are performing seamlessly in co-ordinated dance movements on one single virtual set. 

It took weeks of designing the set, plotting every move, creating virtual stage lights, moving heads, pyros and other SFX as well as the virtual LED wall where every single inch of space was meticulously plotted. Every look and gesture of the artistes are well coordinated. More than technology, it is the mind and innovative ideas deployed to create the experience which matters. Welcome to the future where artistes appear to be together while maintaining social distance of thousands of kilometres. On July 3, tune in to PTC PUNJABI on your TV screens or Facebook and watch the magic!!!

Finally, tell us about your  audience  engagement over the last three months? 

We launched an extensive campaign on air and on all our digital platforms. Luckily Facebook saw potential in our world’s first effort and became our digital partners. Nominations were announced, throwback capsules were aired, Glorious Moments from the last decades were compiled and posted online to generate hype and interest. It all followed with extensive zoom and phone sessions to explain to celebrities how we were planning to do the show. It is all looking very promising.

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