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“Two years ago our idea of ticketing was different. Tie ups with movie houses was the only form of ticketing we were aware of. But as the world of movies, events and concerts evolved, we evolved too - and Tickteplease was born”, says Praful Baweja, Entertainment Head,

So what is it that makes them different from other ticketing sites? One word - Customization. “When a customer subscribes to our site, he signs himself up for a unique experience as we cater to all his possible entertainment needs, keeping in mind only his interests.” says Praful. “When a person spends on one product, you know that he has the capacity to spend on another. So to make him come back and do a repeat purchase, you need to give him an ultimate experience, one that he will remember.” says Praful. “We don’t stop at the online experience. We carry out events where we give our customers the chance to meet their favourite stars, host competitions and track every subscriber’s preferences through customer profiling. And then ultimately give them a customized solution.” says Praful.

As mediators, ticketing sites usually do not play any role in determining the ticket prices. When it comes to movies, there is absolutely no involvement but when it comes to concerts, the organizer can be suggested a certain amount to quote as the ticket fee but at the end it all depends on him. “Pricing is always a major factor when it comes to ticket sales. Which is the reason why we keep our convenience fee to the minimum. In most cases we include it in the ticket price itself while in other cases try to keep it as less as possible. The fact that the ticket price for Supersonic was half the price for Sunburn played a major role when it came to ticket sales, along with all other factors as brand value, etc.” says Praful.

“We tied up with Supersonic and handled not only the ticketing but also on ground activities. The bar was under our management as all cash was handled by us. Customers were not allowed to buy their drinks in cash but with coupons that were handled by our team. That was a major responsibility. So it all depends on the organizer and our level of involvement.” says Praful. As far as movie houses are concerned, they are looking for mass appeal, good noise and ultimately - sale of their tickets. For event people, they are looking to reach the correct target audience and not the masses. Optimum visibility is key. “On the other hand consumers are looking for value for money, efficiency and special treatment which we offer through customization.” says Praful.

“Currently we are only serving the domestic market but we do plan to go international and become global. Although we do have the procedure for international payments that enables our international clients to purchase tickets for an event happening in India.” says Praful. So what is the future for ticketing? “I come from an events and events is where my heart is. Ticketing adds value to the proposition but events and ‘creating an experience for the customers’ is where the future lies. Clubbing sports activities with music activities is the future. Multiple targeting, and bundling of services is what we aim to do. For example bringing the stars to meet their fans and interact with them, if a customer is going for a sports events or to get a tattoo, you know he is most likely young and may have an interest in music as well, so you suggest the same to him.” says Praful.

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