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Pegged as the ‘Breakfast lecture series for the creative community’, CreativeMornings is a brand new format of motivational lectures held once every month in some of the biggest cities in the world. Each such event is typically held on a weekend and features a short 20 minute talk on a pre-decided theme by a stalwart (or survivor) from the creative community, before attendees grab coffee and network with their industry peers.

With a burgeoning creative community in Mumbai, it was only a matter of time before the event was held in the city.

‘All credit goes to designers Amishi Parekh and Jasem Pirani for bringing the property to Mumbai,’ says Payal Shah, Organiser, CreativeMornings, Mumbai. ‘They pitched to the global headquarters of CreativeMornings in New York and got an approval in March. It’s mandatory for every city to pitch before they can organise the event. I came to know about it through Rajesh Kejriwal of Kyoorious and it wasn’t long before we got the ball rolling.’

The platform is an interesting one. It is non-commercial and serves to speak of an important part of an artist’s life – his/her struggles. ‘Nobody gets anything out of it. Yes, brands can come on as sponsors, like we have Kyoorious now, but we (the organisers) do it purely because we are passionate about the community,’ asserts Payal.

‘I think it is important to have a platform that doesn’t encourage any commercial objectives. It is just a simple place where aspiring creatives come together and have a chat with a truly amazing speaker. The speakers in turn can share their work and speak about the challenges they faced on their way to the top. I sincerely believe in this rendezvous some magic can happen.’

Rendezvous is surely a good word. The talks have a refreshing informality about them. They are more an account of the speaker’s life and the influences that shaped them on their to the top. It incites many a young aspirant to interrupt with a quip or a question, keeping the atmosphere lively and interactive.

As for the sessions, CreativeMornings Mumbai has had two so far. It started with Ashim Ahluwalia speaking about his journey in filmmaking. This Sunday saw ace designer Sam Kulavoor, take a masterclass on design, his influences, his inspiration and more.

CreativeMornings Mumbai is the birth of a platform that bridges the gap between aspiring creatives and their heroes. Initiatives such as these are of paramount for a healthy industry and it is befitting that they are finding acceptance.

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