Volunteers On A Mission To Make Expo 2020 Dubai Visitors Smile

All the volunteers are helping tourists and locals alike find their way around the site.


They have come from far and wide with one purpose: to put smiles on the faces of Expo 2020 Dubai visitors, said volunteers of the ongoing event amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

With millions of visits expected to Expo 2020 over its six-month duration, the volunteers, with their instantly recognisable Expo attire, play a crucial role. They can be found across the site, working in rotation to ensure there is always someone available to help visitors. 

Alina Khazeeva, from Russia, described her experience as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with different teams. “I work for Emirates Airline and an internal vacancy became available recently. The hiring manager was amazed at my volunteering experience and asked lots of questions about it, I started my new role in January. I would highly recommend volunteering: it’s a great learning experience in so many ways – meeting and communicating with different people, networking and developing new skills," she said. 

Raymond De Jesus, from the Philippines, has lived and worked in Dubai for 15 years, so volunteering provided an opportunity to give back to the community. “As part of the Kosovo Pavilion team, I loved the experience from the beginning until the very last day of my Expo journey – from meeting other Expo volunteers, training and meeting all of the representatives from Kosovo to getting to know Kosovo’s culture and the country’s athletes. One of the highlights of my Expo journey has been meeting different people from around the globe," said Jesus.

For Nigerian Eloho Owoferia, the idea of volunteering simply made him feel good. “Interacting with visiting children and making them smile was a real highlight. I was assigned the role of ticketing operator. It was a beautiful experience, so I think it will help my career in a very big way – I feel privileged and very happy to be among one of the Expo team. I’ve already recommended volunteering at Expo to many of my friends, so I hope to see some of them soon when I visit the site," said Owoferia. 

First-time volunteer Kholoud Al Yamahi, from Fujairah, said working for a World Expo was a fantastic opportunity to convey an honourable image of the UAE to visitors from around the world. Yamahi said that I am participating for the first time in volunteer work and I have found great human value in doing this, the most important of which is humility and acceptance of others without regard for race or religion. The thing that makes me happy in my work is spreading smiles and putting joy on the faces of others.

Farida Ibrahim, from Abu Dhabi, said, “Volunteering is a humanitarian act, in the first place, and a sublime message aimed at instilling the values of love, tolerance, justice and equality among all humankind. Volunteering at Expo 2020 Dubai is an honour for any citizen and resident of the country.”

Abeer Shuaib, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is also honoured by his role. Shuaib said that I have loved volunteer work since I was young, and I feel really proud to be part of the volunteer team for Expo 2020 Dubai, the first event of its kind for Gulf countries and the region.

Saleh Mohammed, who hails from Dubai, said, "The UAE and its wise leaders have instilled in us the values of volunteering and its importance in all aspects of life... And our participation in this global platform is a badge of pride decorating our chests. I am thrilled when I talk to Expo 2020 Dubai visitors, who come from all over the world and guide them to their destinations, helping them overcome any difficulties they may face while they are at this international event."

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