Vodafone's on-ground initiatives for 'M-Pesa'


Mobile Money Transfer is at a nascent stage in India and therefore M-Pesa is essentially the first mover brand in this category. Thus the advertising efforts also focus on category building and not just the M-Pesa messaging.

In the month of June & July 2014, Vodafone aired the first TV advertising across India.  The campaign objective was to position M-Pesa as the new safe, instant and convenient way to transfer money.

This year, Vodafone M-Pesa has launched the second campaign that explains the ‘How’ of using M-Pesa with a narrative device of ‘Yahan-Wahan’. The differentiator of the campaign is the superlative claim i.e.  ‘M-Pesa is the most convenient way of sending and receiving money’. 

The communication objective is to create a shift in current habit of the consumer where he relies on the agent to transfer money – to him adopting the mobile money transfer mode with M-Pesa.  Break the technology barrier and create a sense of trust in an attempt to change current behavior.

To communicate the proposition of Vodafone M-Pesa, Vodafone is launching an advertising campaign that will encompass TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Cinemas and Activation as touchpoints.

Some of the On-Ground Initiatives as planned are:

·         M-Power: A roadshow planned /rolled out in select cities to educate consumers and drive awareness on the ease and benefits of using mobile wallets. As a part of this initiative, Vodafone targeted migrant pockets and engaged with them through live demonstrations, interactive sessions, facilitating on- spot registration and money transfer. Target Markets: Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Kerala, Kolkata, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UPE, UPW, M&G & Mumbai.

·         M-Powering women with M-Pesa: As part of the initiative, Vodafone is organizing education camp in community slums in Bangalore, to teach women, working as domestic help or small business like Parlours, the importance of financial saving and how they can save using the M-Pesa mobile wallet.

·         Projecting Vodafone’s stores in rural areas as banks: Promoting transfer to bank & cash out services in rural areas. Tie-up with local shops and merchandisers to offer discounts.

·         Fun-day Activity: Establishing emotional connect with TG and educate them about benefits of M-Pesa in an engaging and entertaining manner through Music, Movies, and Food & Culture. Target Markets: Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Kerala, Kolkata, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UPE, UPW, M&G & Mumbai.

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