Vision behind Awards, Convention and Exhibition (ACE) 2014


With EMF’s first ACE 2014 summit just a month away, which is to be held on September 12, Friday and 13, Saturday - 2014, in Ahmedabad. It has come out with a vision for its ace event.

The event will host an awards ceremony to recognize excellence in the domain and includes the following categories: social events, corporate events, government events, festival events, BTL activations, CSR, best use of technology and innovation.

Speaking on the reasons behind organizing the award ceremony, EMF’s president Dr. Jaydeep Mehta said:

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With the awards, I would say Gujarat event managers then get a national forum to showcase their best work. A good work depends on various factors like scale, production and budget. Regionally, an event manager from Gujarat may have done a good work but due to smaller format and budget, his work may not have been recognized nationally. EMF realized this gap and wants to bridge it, by providing a platform to regional event managers to showcase their work regardless of budget and scale, and get recognized. Gujarat being a socio-centric market for weddings, corporate and government events, the awards ceremony will help identity good work from across the spectrum. EMF will help bridge this gap.

The Vice President of EMF is Keyur Patel of Prasang Events spoke about the convention. Elaborating on it, he said:

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As much as growth and opportunities are important for event organizations, it is equally vital to gain industry knowledge, which is the key. During the convention, sessions will be taken on industry topics such as technology, sound, talent management companies, catering, etc., - subjects that will help them enhance their business.

The Secretary of EMF, Rajesh Ravani of Zion Unlimited spoke about the exhibition part of ACE and why it is important. He said:

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Gujarat is a market where we don’t have a set industry, as talents and artists are usually sourced from other states, so, this is a good opportunity for all the event industry partners across the nation to come and exhibit their work. Weddings and mice activities usually happen outside Gujarat, largely in the states of Rajasthan and Goa. With the ACE exhibition, we are providing an opportunity to hotels and event companies from the two states to come here and set up their booth and exhibit their work. ACE serves as a unique platform where more than 200 event managers come under one roof. An opportunity not to be missed.

This is also an opportunity to show what catering and other agencies across the country are doing, what talent companies are devising with artists and talents, at social events. They can come and have a booth here. This is a good opportunity for them to display their good work, Gujarat is the best market right now to showcase their best product.

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