Upcoming Trends of Wedding Photography for 2021: Shrey Bhagat

Shrey Bhagat, Co-founder, Knotting Bells shares top wedding photography for the upcoming year.


The year 1995 was only the beginning of recreating scenes from the big screen with your other half. In recent years especially 2018 onwards, the spectrum of #ReCreate has broadened into following & incorporating TikTok trends, Instagram challenges, Snapchat filters and more! Evidently photography being an ideal representation of what goes on in the world, without a doubt the COVID- 19 pandemic put to halt the wedding industry as well. We were already on track with getting to our original pace. Spotlighting the silver lining, this pandemic has encouraged us to explore things and work in ways we never thought we could. because just like we said it in 2014, we do what we do to celebrate love no matter how demanding and taxing the conditions may be but like there are two sides to a coin, the pandemic has put several forms of photography on the trending radar with several options to explore.

Intimate Wedding Photography is #TheNewNormal

With the current scenario, gone are the days of massive weddings at fancy wedding locations, although they were a delight to shoot and watch. Due to the lockdown, the stringent safety measures to shoot have resulted in more authentic and intimate photography. Now it's shooting the couple in their happy environment in their backyard, homes or streets. Moreover, it captures the celebration of love with the closest of friends and family. I personally think that as a photographer it furnishes us with a sense of bliss while capturing raw emotion. Small & intimate weddings have played an important role in how we see photography today, it is not just about the glitz and glamour any more, as commonly said, it is more about capturing the subtle reality, making it more real than reality in itself.

Instagram Reels to give you all the feels

With the new feature of Instagram Reels, the entire wedding photography industry has experienced a shift of paradigm. Reels has changed the perspective of videos across all platforms and I think good wedding photographers would be the ones who utilizes Instagram Reels to strongly separate themselves from the rest of the lot because with this new 15-second feature who knew so many emotions and feelings could be experienced. With the fancy effects & transitions available, every wedding will have a reel booth, attracting the guests to do something unique and iconic.

Editorial Wedding Shoots

The traditional way of capturing wedding photographs is long gone, it has now become necessary for every shot to be telling it’s own story. Wedding photography has evolved and become so much more than just capturing the event, it is now all about capturing every mood throughout the journey of emotions, it’s putting together every element and capturing every little detail and transforming them into uncontrived photographs through which all the emotions can be relieved, sending the the lucky couple back in time. Such shoots are the perfect exemplar of transforming the magical moments into everlasting memories.

Pre-Wedding Shoot for the perfect two

Due to the current scenario, pre wedding shoots also commonly referred to as engagement shoots have become the need of the hour. The luxury of a mini getaway before the big day to capture in the purest form the love between the partners at an offshoot location amidst rich architecture and a sea of blues has become possible with a moderately lower rate and abiding by the health protocols and travel restrictions amidst the pandemic. Since destination weddings seem like a far off dream at the moment, dreamy pre-shoots with a limited number of professionals, is on the rise.

Cinematic Style off the big screen

This kind of photography helps you narrate the story but in- style. Being an ode to all the movie buffs to make their big screen dream come true, this trend not only breaks the boredom but also adds the drama of colour & fun that is much often needed to capture the important day. This was seen as a big trend in the pre-covid era and it will catch momentum soon because who doesn’t want to make their wedding album look like a scene straight out of a movie.

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