Uber India unveils second part of its ‘Badhte Chalein’ campaign

Badhte Chalein’, has been envisioned around the brand’s new positioning that is intended to build Uber as an enabler of movement in order to ignite opportunity for all to progress in life.


Uber has unveiled the second leg of its recently launched India brand campaign – ‘Badhte Chalein’, featuring Virat Kohli. ‘Badhte Chalein’, has been envisioned around the brand’s new positioning that is intended to build Uber as an enabler of movement in order to ignite opportunity for all to progress in life. The driver forward brand film focusing on the driver partner community features Uber’s tenured driver partners from all walks of life.

 In India, there are over four hundred and fifty thousand people who choose to drive using the Uber app every day. These driver partners are central to Uber’s success across the country and Uber India is committed to serving them and unlocking opportunities for them to progress in life. The second innings of the newly launched campaign,Badhte Chalein, reiterates the role that Uber plays in creating entrepreneurship opportunities i.e. a new way of working that leads to economic freedom, increasing productivity and financial inclusion for thousands of driver partners in India.

 With multiple ad-sets targeted at different groups--the existing driver partner community and potential driver partners--this leg of the campaign will feature Virat Kohli as a coach for the Uber driver partner community, motivating them to maximize their potential and become star performers. 

Narrated by Virat, the concept of this brand film aims to highlight experiences encountered by drivers daily while behind the wheels of an Uber, thus acknowledging behavioural traits of a driver partner that leads to a six-star service. To establish this connection between the distinctive driver partner profiles as a star cricket team composition, the ad film – ‘Virat’s XI’ will delve deeper into how an ideal team comprises of different types of driver partners who bat for Uber as the opening batsman, wicket keepers, all-rounders and bowlers. To bring alive Uber’s dream team on-screen, real-life driver partners are featured in the campaign.

Commenting on the campaign’s driver focussed narrative, Sanjay Gupta, Head Marketing Officer, Uber India said, “Uber is always finding ways to celebrate its driver partner community. Each day, our driver partners play a pivotal role in moving India forward and it is our constant endeavor to enable them to achieve greater heights. Through the representation of driver partners across the country in the ad film ‘Virat’s XI’, we want to showcase Uber as an inclusive platform that welcomes diverse backgrounds and provides entrepreneurship opportunities to millions of people. It further extends to strike the right balance between economic opportunity and dignity of the vocation. Virat plays the role of a coach, encouraging his star team to bring their best to the table at all times; all of this in a cinematic and engaging manner.”

Bringing to light how Uber helps India progress/ move forward, eleven real-life driver partners using the Uber platform to drive are part of this campaign, narrating their stories of progress with the aim of inspiring millions to join this movement. Uber’s India’s brand ambassador Virat Kohli said, “I was super thrilled to meet with these driver partners who work day and night behind the wheel in order to get India moving. This group was truly an interesting blend of people, beyond boundaries, age, gender and religion and the enthusiasm amongst them was infectious. Working with them on a campaign that is aimed at inspiring India move forward in every sense--with cricket as a premise--was an enriching experience. I am happy to be a partner to a company that has committed to keep India moving, not only in its functional sense, but through its progressive and winning values as well.”

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