True School of Music hosted 'Music Works' for over 500 music professionals


Mumbai’s music academy True School of Music (TSM) organized ‘Music Works’, a one-day workshop that was held on its campus on 8 February. With approximately 500 students and music lovers in attendance, music lovers and industry aspirants got a chance to experience what it takes to be a performer, producer, sound engineer or a DJ from names like Salim Merchant, Zoya Akhtar, Uday Benegal, Zubin Balaporia, Rajiv Kenkre, Purab Kohli and Gino Banks. 

The afternoon session featured interactive workshops with international TSM faculty members sharing their thoughts on what it takes to be a part of a band, following which Indus Creed band member and singer Uday Benegal, took the audience through the intricacies of planning a tour. Zubin Balaporia, a self-taught keyboardist, conducted a session on what goes into creating jingles for advertisements.

Sound designer Rajiv Kenkre divulged the secrets behind remixing music. He demonstrated the art by remixing a famous track which the audience listened to with rapt attention. Voice expert Marilena Paradisi and faculty member of TSM gave essential pointers on how to maintain a professionally good voice.

Well-known artiste DJ Uri explained the techniques involved in finger drumming. The only LIVE part of a DJ set is the finger drumming, a crucial aspect for any act in today’s evolution of DJ’ing. For EDM fans in the audience this session offered a great opportunity to absorb new knowledge imparted by the expert himself.

Gino Banks along with popular bass guitarist Sheldon D’silva led interactive workshops and shared stories of their personal and professional experiences in the industry, providing the participants with insights into how best to succeed in a competitive field such as this.

The evening panel discussion with Salim Merchant, Zoya Akhtar and Purab Kohli drew in quite a crowd. The discussion focused around the question, “What are the opportunities for music-preneurs in the industry today?” It was clear that the event emphasized the need for persistence and hardwork amongst aspiring musicians and composers.

Music Works at TSM ended the day with a performance from the TSM students along with Salim Merchant followed by Indus Creed and an All Star Jam.

Co-founder of Blue Frog and the True School of Music, Mr Ashutosh Phatak said, “I am absolutely thrilled with the response garnered for an initiative like this. We at the True School of Music are offering unique courses that give various career opportunities for music lovers. The idea for Music Works was to give our audience a flavour of what can be availed at True School of Music and I am delighted with what we have achieved here today.” 

He added, “I am glad people were able to make time from their busy schedule to attend this event. True School of Music is the only Institute in India that provides such a syllabus in music education for the Indian audience and I truly want our talented students to take advantage of our outstanding faculty and expertise. I have no doubt that we will continue to be in the forefront of contemporary music in India.”

Salim Merchant said, “It was very exciting to be a part of an event which is truly unique in every sense. Understanding how to make it in the music industry is for some reason a well kept secret but I was honoured to have the opportunity to share my experiences with young musicians and aspirants.”

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