Luxury has moved to the next realm: Jahan Tahiliani, CEO & Promoter, Tahiliani Homes

Indian arts and crafts that have made a comeback into the conversation for the homes writes Jahan Tahiliani, CEO & Promoter, Tahiliani Homes.


Luxury residential real estate is very market-centric. Defining luxury varies around the country and globally. From working with right industry partners, delivering advanced customer service while ensuring that from picking the right piece of land, to creating a floor plan and selecting finishes, the custom home building experience is fulfilling and results in your dream luxury home.

While the location may have been the biggest determinant in defining luxury abodes - the neighborhood is no longer defining the narrative. As our cities get built and rebuilt many times over we are witnessing the next cycle of the redevelopment as our old city walls begin to crumble and await their latest avatar. What this means is one will see many new developments in traditional neighborhoods nestled away amongst the decaying backdrop of the older buildings that are ready to tell a new story - relevant in today’s cityscape.

Similarly, in the secondary home market - we have seen luxury residences moving away from the beaten path. While there will always be a demand for second homes in the popular and crowded neighborhoods in Goa. There is a whole new segment of homebuyers in more remote villages that have a focus on being in environmentally friendly spaces that are greener and allow them to reconnect with nature in a way that is just not possible in our metros.

We have seen a wonderful revival in Indian arts and crafts that have made a comeback into the conversation for the homes. The latest revival is a conscious effort from our fraternity to bring the artisans while using our centuries-old craftsmanship to build unique homes. We are redefining the look of luxury in India as we know it.

Personalization is also an important key aspect. A home is where all one’s senses are in balance and harmony. The challenge we face in carving out our identity is real - it's no different for a home. How do we make this home unique and make sure it's telling our story along the way? Each home has its DNA that we build over the course of designing. It's important that from both an aesthetic point of view and a functional point of view that the home is telling the story of the individual or family that will reside there. Unless your home is telling your story - it's not really your home.

Luxury has moved to the next realm; it is no longer limited to things we can touch and feel. Many luxuries are now intangibles. What services we provide to our guests, be it related to maintenance of houses or even additional services they can receive in their home. When you have larger developments, that have an encapsulated audience, it is easy to make support services and do all of the maintenance in house. It is also easy to do a large clubhouse, gym, and restaurant. The challenge arises in more boutique size setups when you don't necessarily have that kind of space. However, these amenities are stapled for luxury properties so even smaller-scale developments are expected to have them.

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