Travel Kit of an Emcee: Swati Sharma

Emcees are their own dress stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, assistant and work manager. Swati Sharma shares a list of items you can find in an EMCEE’s luggage. Read on.


EMCEES all across the Indian experiential space, travel from their city of origin to fulfill their stage duties across the country and the world. Hence packing and unpacking is a regular part of the EMCEE life.

Most Emcee’s are solopreneur, if you are one of them you may be either conducting or overlooking your luggage needs yourself with a little help of family and domestic staff in few cases. New talent is constantly added to the ever growing list of professionals, this information is especially for those who may be new to the grind.

Emcees are their own dress stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, assistant and work manager. Hence here are the list of items I believe you can find in an EMCEE’s luggage.


Every event demands a certain type of attire. If it is a conference then something formal yet stylish, if it is a gala evening then something a bit jazzy or fancy. Attire makes a major part of the Emcee’s luggage. You may be carrying at least two attires, one as an option in case of malfunction or variety. You may also be carrying multiple attires in case of multiple event days or travel from one event to another event.


This includes your accessories, jewelry, and shoes/sandals. Here as well, two to three options maybe recommended.


For Females – it may include their makeup box with all the essentials from Base, to compact and eyeshade etc. Hair related products like sprays and straightening iron, curling iron, hair rollers.

For Males – it may be their shaving kit and hair gel.


A small pouch of the preferred soap, cream, paste etc. that one uses. Your sunscreen, your lens solution.


A few extra pairs of regular clothes for your travel back and a comfortable night wear.


This may be exclusive to Female emcees as you may not want to carry a big bag to the place of event and instead carry something with bare essentials. It may still need to be quite spacious as you will need a brush, some touchup related products like lipstick, kajal etc. and space for your phone and a battery backup.

Male emcees may be able to enjoy here the slight privilege of pocketed attire.


Today most professionals like to carry their own cue cards with their logo or name at the back of it. This can be a good decision as at some places you may not be provided with customized cue cards and at such times a que card of your own gives a good look on stage instead of just sheets of paper.

These are the essentials that one may look at to carry for an event. Depending on one’s own preference one may carry more things, such as a laptop bag, or props in case of having to conduct games. These variables aside above listed are the basic necessities one cannot afford to forget adding to their luggage.

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