Tourism in Turkey gets desired boost with International MICE & Wedding Forum, 60 countries attend

The third organization of the International MICE & Wedding Forum (IMWF) held in Antalya at the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek. More than 50 hotels, airline companies and Industry suppliers and executives from 60 countries attended the Forum, which continued till June 1st.


The opening of the international MICE & Wedding Forum (IMWF) took place with the participation of the Governor of Antalya  Münir Karaloğlu and the KKTC Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu IMWF is one of the most important areas of the World Tourism movement and hosts the stakeholders of the wedding organization, tourism capital and organizers in Antalya, plays an important role in increasing the market share of Turkey's wedding, congress and meetings.

IMWF Executive Partner Fuat Ersoy made the opening speech of the Forum and gave information to the participants in the forum, pointing out that the market share of  Turkey has increased in within the reaching 1 trillion dollars international market of MICE and wedding. Ersoy’s in his speech to the participant tourism agencies said, "Next 3 days, you will spend time in the panels and participate the forums. We will try tomake everything fun and crazy. You are going to ask me why? “Why’’ is a lifestyle. We're here to make new friends. Our aimis to create true friendships among us.”

IMWF managing partner Bünyat Özpak said that he earned $ 8 from his first group, saying, "I had big dreams. One of the greatest miracles is gettting into a partnership with you. I'm here with my partner hosting over 300 delegates from 60 countries. We have done this with my partner Asil Akar. We are always with you."

KKTC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu, who participated in the forum and spoke at the opening, said, "The most important difference in tourism is the wedding organization is one of the most special tourism varieties. As the whole world knows it, we know it. The TRNC contains 400-500 thousand people. It is one of the best known places in the world. It is a decent, beautiful island with many historical riches. It is one of the most suitable places for wedding tourism with TRNC history and hotels. We do not have to worry about coming back to the island. You can make nice friendships with the warmth of people, the beauty of our hotels, and the relationships with the employees of the sector. The most important thing for us is the friendships we have. I would like to thank my esteemed siblings who contributed to this event, those who contributed, and those who came to join us. I am sure you all will have a nice day in beautiful and warm Antalya. I believe that there will be more participants in the activities to be done from now on.”

Antalya Governor Munir Kasaroğlu added how Antalya was Turkey's guestroom, the pearl of the Mediterranean, one of the most well-known destinations in the world. Emphasizing that he said, "Antalya is a real tourism city with 630 kilometers beach, 404 5-star hotels, a total of 1.000 hotels, 54 halls where sports can be made. Antalya has great experience in Congress and fair. This city has made the G-20, The Foreign Ministers 'meeting, the expo, the World Golf Tournament, and it has a huge capacity to do it. We would like to share these opportunities with you. For this reason, we attach great importance to the Organization of Mice & Wedding. The Belek location is very unique in the World, with 5-star hotels with 50 of the most beautiful hotels. Itis a unique destination in the world with its historical and cultural value. We declared 2018 Perge year. ‘’Perge’’ is 15 miles from this hotel."

India’s leading experiential agency Wizcraft International Management founder Wiz Sabbas Joseph said, "All of us working in this sector know how difficult it is to host such an event. I am very grateful to the IMWF for bringing me in Antalya". Stating that the event will be an economic bridge, Joseph stressed that the IMFW is a unique concept and a great opportunity.

The International MICE & Wedding Forum sponsored by Turkish Airlines and Titanic Hotels opened on Tuesday, May 29 with the opening remarks of KKTC Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu and Antalya GovernorMünir Karaloğlu. The Forum provided a big share in the promotion of Antalya. Turkey's major hotels as well as India, Russia, America, Italy, Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Nigeria and hotels in various chains of the world countries such as Japan Airlines, wedding and to perform one-to-one talks with MICE agents took their place in the Forum. The program's wedding tourism and social media phenomena in the MICE sector and journalistic departments are in the IMWF and Western Mediterranean Development Agency(BAKA) business union.

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