Together we fight the pandemic: Deepak Sahni

The country is now prepped self and is constantly developing measures to ensure a safe environment for everyone writes Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO,


With the Pandemic hitting the country, it has become extremely crucial that organisations take steps for personal safety and care of not only the people around, but also their own employees. At first, it did take us to comprehend the situation, but with constant efforts by various government bodies and health organizations, today we can definitely have enough resources to widely test (screen) Covid-19.  But the situation of the country and the world, stands to stay true to the fact, that technology and mankind have no control over Nature. Having said, the country is now prepped self and is constantly developing measures to ensure a safe environment for everyone.
Amidst the pandemic, we at Healthians, launched a systematic and logistically accessible sampling method for the convenience of our clients. A COVID-19 sample collection from home process, to help people give samples without exposing themselves to any risk. This not only lowered the risk of multiple human contact but it also ensured personalisation and removal of the fear of getting tested. Additionally, the launched an expert mechanism to answer queries of customers who may have an infection and would like to know, how they could keep themselves safe. The panic of the pandemic has led to a number of questions in the minds of each one of us. A simple cough or flu tends to create an anxiety which makes one feel like those are the initial symptoms of Corona. The idea is to bring down the panic created by the overwhelming news and advises from near and dear ones. From knowing what to eat, where to go, methods of sanitisation, and an overall lifestyle change, we have been trying through digital mediums to advise right information.
Today we also successfully managed to have drive-through sample collections of COVID-19 which is started across many places. To ensure that people do not get in touch with human beings and to avoid any kind of contact at the time of tests we have also partnered with an organisation by the name of Invento Robotics. Invento Robotics has curated robots which have been mechanised to ensure that they do the preliminary test procedures and direct queries to the right department, depending upon their symptoms. Looking at the initiatives, many hospitals have approached us, we have now started deploying and in coming months we shall see loads more at hospitals and even malls. The idea is to avoid any contact as much as possible.
Work from Home and Online shopping to your respective gates has become a trend that catching up, these days. Today with certain rules and regulations relaxing with every phase of the lockdown, we are soon to hit our offices and corporate desks. Life is soon going to come back to its former shape but what is extremely crucial at this hour is to ensure sanitization and keep alert at all times, since your safety is only in your hands. To get ready for this phase, an initiative has already been taken to launch Corp shield. This is more like a shield to the corporates, a product specially designed for corporate in helping them resume operations smoothly. This is more like a three-dimensional safety service, which includes doorstep healthy screening of employees, creating an awareness and ensuring that a constant monitoring process is in place for the safety of the other employees. The pandemic has definitely taught us a lesson of self-care for other’s care and this needs to be exercised in every avenue.
While the country has constantly been looking at various verticals to ensure that the pandemic is kept best under control, within the possible, available resources, it’s also the duties of all the organisations to put in the best of their effort and provide with their finest services possible for a safe India. Last but not the least, we have also initiated a donation camp, which intends to help the economically weaker sections of the society in every possible way. With the Pandemic coming in force, we have gotten so engrossed fighting the virus that the thought of the daily wage workers and economically weak comes our mid last, so to keep the energy flowing, our donation camps are constantly on the move. Our endeavour is to fight the pandemic and stay strong.

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