Time of Sports to launch Indian Fitness Festival

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Healthy feels awesome and can be hard to achieve, but one step at a time and you’re still ahead of the ones on the couch. Exercise is therapeutic – it helps not just one’s body but also one’s mind. It gets the good hormones pumping, the sweat flowing and your whole-being glowing. You don’t have to train for a marathon or get 6-pack abs or even try to be size zero to show off you’re fit, fitness just means something you do today for which you’d be thankful tomorrow!

In an attempt to stimulate this ‘stay healthy’ attitude in people, Time of Sports has recently launched their new intellectual property called the Indian Fitness Festival.

Mr. Yashraj Singh, the Founder & CEO of Time Of Sports tells us that after running many a marathons to check how far you can run, racing on cycles, climbing mountains and trekking, here is the chance to prove how fit you are! A feather in Delhi’s cap, and targeting age groups from 7 to 70, the one day fitness festival inviting people from all walks of life to participate and enjoy different levels of fitness and fun!!

“In its first chapter, with the theme of fitness and dividing all activities under Showcase, Fitlympics and Funzone, the event is here to make people sweat it out and bring out the fittest best in them!”-he adds.

Commenting further Vishesh Sehgal, Head of Events at Time Of Sports elaborates, “the festival aims to go beyond the trend and towards a revolution. Time Of Sports wants to take forward the spirit of fitness in every home, make anyone and everyone get fit, make them go the extra mile for a fitter lifestyle and want to make people aware about healthy living!”

Also, for the first time ever, giving an Olympic like experience to the city, the festival seeks to celebrate sports than just promote fitness. In a land of so many lost sports and so much talent that is still untapped, the festival ensures there is something for everyone!

And what’s more! There is also a kid’s getaway to fitness!

Offering compelling reasons for parents to encourage their kids at the KidsZone, parents and hosts alike appreciate the wide range of sports and activities introduced to young minds and bodies. In most cases, children receive their own equipment, and everything is age appropriate, so everyone stays involved and safe at all times!

The event would be held in a world-class venue in the capital, that will surely add to the fun and the fervor needed in the event! And afterwards, groove to pulsating music, get some awesome food, participate in unique contests and fun activities and much more.

More details about the Indian Fitness Festival will be released shortly.

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