This will get you an Amul sponsorship


In 2011, Amul sponsored the Dutch cricket team in the ICC Cricket World Cup and

Switzerland-headquartered Sauber F1 team at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. In

2012, Asia’s largest milk brand sponsored the Indian contingent at the London

2012 Olympic Games and invested INR 10 million. What do all these events have

in common? EE in conversation with Mr. Pavan Kumar, Asst. General Manager, Marketing,

Amul to find out what it takes to get an Amul sponsorship. Read on to find out.

1. Reinforcing Amul as the Taste of India

“We wanted to reinforce the positioning of Amul as the original taste of

India. In this regard, we went ahead and sponsored the Indian team at the Olympics,

supporting our nation and reinforcing our brand value in its entirety as an Indian

brand supporting its country at the Olympics. We wanted the best to support our

athletes and coincidentally 2012 was the year India won the maximum medals,”

says Mr. Pavan Kumar.

2. Platform to connect with the youth

“Amul would definitely associate itself with an event where it gets a platform

to connect with the youth. That’s the reason why we sponsored the Indian

contingent at the Olympics too, so that we could connect with the youth who are

obviously into sports and encourage them at the same time to become active and

take up sports. Youth constitutes a very important part of our target group and

we are always looking for ways to connect with them and deliver the right message,”

says Mr. Pavan Kumar.

3. Re-establish milk as the ‘world’s original energy drink’

“As the official sponsor of the Indian team at the London Olympics, Amul’s

commitment to health is best defined by its signature product, milk. Through this

initiative we wanted to re-enforce milk as the world’s natural energy drink.

This was our campaign and we wanted our customers to believe that if they wanted

to be fit and healthy, they should make milk a part of their daily diet by relating

to the athletes at the Olympics that incorporated milk in their daily intake.

It is the world’s natural drink and what better way to put that across than

to associate with an energy-packed event,” divulges Mr. Pavan Kumar.

So everyone out there who wants Amul to shell out the moolah and associate themselves

with their event needs to fulfill the top three requirements. Time to re-work

the pitch and pay attention to the above details if you really want to milk the


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