This is the Decade of the Experiential: Sabbas Joseph, Co-Founder & Director, Wizcraft International

Sabbas Joseph was speaking at the 3rd edition of BW Applause and everythingexperiential Marketing Summit & Awards.


At the 3rd edition of BW Applause and everythingexperiential Marketing Summit & Awards in New Delhi, Sabbas Joseph, Co-Founder & Director, Wizcraft International, spoke about the growing relevance of events and experiential and how the new decade belonged to it.

Underling the editorial integrity and rigour of BW Applause and , Sabbas Joseph said,  “BW Applause and , more than being trade publications , are also platforms that open your mind. These platforms serve you information across the paradigms of communication and media.”

Speaking about the growing relevance of experiential, Sabbas Joseph said, “2020 to 2030 is the decade of the experiential. The era of discovering ourselves is over, it’s the era of knwoledge. We find ourselves in an era of AI, Big Data etc, which is feeding information and its upto us to grab that information , analyse it and use it in what we are doing.”

“This decade is going to be about ‘sensory experiences’. If you look at what is happening at the Apple store or Samsung store; they attarct you with various sensory experiences.  To be truly experiential, we have to go beyond the physical.  The new experiential ultimately will a mixed reality space, with a hybrid of AR, VR and multiple sensory experienices. The experiential that we know today in some ways is over, “ he further added.

Sabbas Joseph also spoke about the new ways in which events are helping brands to redefine themselves. 

“Brands will redefine themselves through events. They will redefine themselves through experiential.  The supremacy of media is ending. If you look at our media, news has become mere cacophony and on GEC channels you see stigmas being recreated, and the result is that increasingly the audiences are moving away. And the more they are moving away, there is democratisation of media and that democratisation is happening in the experiential and digital space.”

Underlining the importance of having skilled workforce in the events and experiential domain and how education institutions are recognising the importance of the domain, Sabbas Joseph said, “University after university across the world is launching MBA programmes in events., sports and entertainment.  That will give you an entire workforce that is educated, and they would have learnt everything in the shortest possible time and they will be ready to work tomorrow. So what took us 10 years or 20 years to learn, will then take three years, and that is the new reality. The workforce we will have is going to be educated, is going to be skiled and ready to rock the place.”

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