This World Environment Day, take the hint that the Earth is giving: Tribhuwan Joshi, Fuji Film India

The pandemic and lockdown has given us a chance to think hard and plan for the development of society through our environment writes Tribhuwan Joshi – Lead, Brand Communication, PR & CSR Fujifilm India.


“There are ways to get there, if you care enough for the living, Make a little space, Make a better place. Heal the world, make it a better place.” - These beautiful lines by Michael Jackson couldn’t be more relevant, considering the unprecedented times we’re living in.

June 5th of every year is observed as World Environment Day around the world. “Celebrate Biodiversity” is what we are calling it in 2020. It’s time we listen to the hints that the Earth has been giving and take actions to save and safeguard our environment from its fast degradation which we have done ourselves.

The pandemic and lockdown has reminded and given us a chance to think and think hard, to plan for the development of society through our environment. Allowing everyone to breathe by doing their bit and helping each other to make it a better place for all the existing species. Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, one was always complaining that the air around is very toxic to breathe due to the amount of gases that have been emitted over the centuries, rising temperatures leading to melted glaciers and rise in sea levels. 

Environment was ruined by reduction of essential resources like fresh air, fresh water and soil, which are an essential part of the Biodiversity. Lately we all can see and feel how the environment is changing and even observe in our general conversations – ‘Look earth is healing’.

The pandemic in a way has caused less human interface with the nature and this in turn has acted as the biggest supplement for the earth to revive and re-fresh at its root. With cleaner air and water, we can see that plants are now budding and growing better. Various elements such as less litter, minimum blockage and clogging of water bodies is leading to the environment’s rejuvenation. It is leaving us lessons and clues each day, how we need to function in the post COVID world. In this digital era, everyone these days is sharing pictures of clear skies, clean rivers, greenery, animals and other species, which we had forgotten and ignored owing to our busy lives. Moving forward, we will need to make efforts to safeguard our nature and not just take pictures of it and post on our social media networks.

When the question arises how and when we should make use of sustainability in our businesses, we should think as a consumer. The fact of the matter is that consumers are still not adept with putting their money on conservation despite the buyer’s shift towards sustainability and green living. Research suggests that only a small percentage of consumers are willing to pay slightly more to buy sustainable products. Considering this, we need to create a habit among people, young people to buy and look for sustainable products – ‘It’s time for a habit change’.

Every generation can make an environmental impact. The more informed generation can devote time in volunteer work such as planting tea, cleaning water bodies, cleaning their localities’, less use of plastic and waste management. The millennial generation needs to make use of their energy and digital skills to create drive, educate people and engage with people through workshops. Environment drives, sessions, educating people about waste management, sustainable activities and telling them the role of nature in providing the essential infrastructure and services that support the life on earth and human development. We require human intervention for sustainable society not by ruining them, cutting them, polluting them, destroying them but by getting united in the mission to nurture and preserve our beautiful environment.

Each and everyone who is a part of this environment chain is an important contributor to the sustainable world. All individuals need to breathe to do their best but equally everyone is also required to do their bit.

As we are inside our home during the lockdown, the environment is healing and providing us a lot of things that are making us happy, motivated and healthy. But once we are back to the normal, we should pledge to take care of our environment because the earth is what we all have in common.

“Today I pledge for doing my bit for environment – And try to make a Better space and Better Place”

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