These small adaptations can help event professionals master the perfect sales pitch

Making a pitch in business is a subtle art and an advanced science. Anyone who masters it, suddenly has access to infinite opportunities and wealth!


I was recently speaking to the head of an events company and she was complaining how many of the new people she was hiring are unable to successfully close enough business.

So while they keep making pitches to potential clients, very few of them actually materialized into real business and cash flows.  Here are some of the most powerful strategies and tools I shared with her to ensure her team makes the perfect pitch:

  • Have The Psychology Of A Winner 

Have you seen Virat Kohli bat? Have you seen Shah Rukh Khan walk on stage? Or have you experienced an auto driver drive through tight traffic as if he was a Formula One driver and completely unstoppable? All of them do it because they have developed the psychology of winners. You can sense they are winners even before they speak, just by their body language. Deep in their hearts and minds, they believe they have already won!

Business, sales and life are defined by our psychology. People can sense if you are confident or nervous. As soon as a client senses you are nervous – they will suspect your pitch isn’t good enough and wouldn’t want to risk hiring your company’s services!

On the other hand, if they sense and feel your confidence, they will feel secure hiring your services and will trust you.

Next time you go for a pitch, believe you have already successfully closed the business. Behave and believe you have already won and see the difference!

  • Your Body Influences Your Pitch  

You physical body influences your mind. Before an important seminar or business meeting, I like generating energy in my body. I do it by listening to high energy music and dancing for 4 to 5 minutes before a meeting. This charges me up and when I go for the meeting, people can feel this energy.

The next time you are about to go for a pitch, listen to some high powered music and move your body. It will be like a warm up and you feel more confident and energized during the pitch.

Also make sure when you move, to not look downwards and not have dropping shoulders. Have a stance where your head is held up high and your shoulders and chest are wide open. This is a pose and body language practiced by winners.

  • Don’t Give Your Clients What They Want 

Never ever give your clients only what they want. Instead always show them something that is better and gives them better results. That way you rise above competition. The greatest things in the world have come about because entrepreneurs and businesses gave the world something new and different.

For example, what if you could introduce your client to a solution that will truly increase their business by 10, 20 or 100 times instead of just organizing a dealers’ meet? What if you could give your client a solution that will make them the talk of over a billion people instead of just doing a promotional event?

Think larger than life and then make that thinking practical so that your client realizes how you have your client’s best business interest in mind.

Today, ever since her team has started practicing the above three strategies, they have increased their conversions by over 50%! I’m sure you too will benefit!

 Keep investing in knowledge and I guarantee you the returns will be incredible! (You are most welcome to send me a part of your increased profits - the entrepreneur in me won’t refuse!)

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