There's no ceiling if you are willing to work hard: Ravin Kundu

In this free wheeling chat with Everything Experiential, Kundu delves into many unheard aspects of his professional journey. Read on.


Being a presenter comes with its own set of challenges. It's about the energy, about the charm and above all having the right attitude.

A self made man in all respects, Ravin Kundu loves to play on the front foot, be it hosting live events or taking on top assignments. In this free wheeling chat with Everything Experiential, Kundu delves into many unheard aspects of his professional journey. Read on.


What has your journey as an emcee been like? 

The consistent need to keep improving, re-inventing your work and delivering your best is pro learning and pro growing environment. As every live show is the final take, You learn from mistakes and improve. It's like that saying,"the job doesn't get easier, you simply get better at it.  It has been an enriching experience.

How do you think this profession has aided your career?

This profession has helped me become a better version of me, of who I was and that has transpired growth in my career and in life. 

You have been credited with many firsts in the ‘Live Experience’ space, tell us about that.

Before doing it I didn't know I could host an event for 24 hours straight ! Adidas 24 hour stadium run in Delhi made me realise you're bound to push boundaries set by your own self and by others when you're trying to give your best.

What do you think are the drawbacks of being in this profession?

Like most other performing art forms the downside is there isn't the predictability or safety of a traditional job. That means uncertain income, odd and sometimes (mostly) long work hours and any brand entrusting you with being their face and telling their story comes with the responsibility to deliver every single time, you just can't have an off day at work. That's pressure.

Tell us about the experiential side of being an Emcee?

The parts of the profession that I'm grateful for are the opportunities, platforms and experiences that I've witnessed. From meeting the movers and shakers, the change-makers, the thinkers and the performers to travelling to places, exploring cultures, experiencing new things has been instrumental in expanding my perception of life. It inspired me to do more, be more.

You’ve worked with multiple brands: how has the collaboration worked for you?

Thus far, I've worked with over 100 major brands and clients of international and national presence. It's been a joyous learning experience working with the most creative minds of the country and the world. Adidas, Standard chartered, Yes Bank, IDBI Federal, BMW, Lamborghini, Harley Davidson, Kia Motors, Accenture, Pepsi Co, German Tourism, Hindustan Times, MTV, Govt. Of India to name a few.

What are the other activities that you are involved in apart from being in this profession?

I have always liked delving into creative endeavors that excite me. Right now, I'm working as an emcee, presenter, voice over artist, creative writer, digital content creator, running a chain of food outlets in South Delhi and trying to raise a dog.

What is the scope of making a career in a profession like this one in the events industry?

Honestly It's just like any other industry, it depends on the individual. If you bring value to the table, you get a seat at the table. And as with all performing art forms, you're a performer you need to own the responsibility of delivering nothing but the best every single time you take the center stage. You need to learn to prove your worth consistently to your marketplace. There is definitely scope, it just isn't easy though. Having said that, There's no ceiling if you're willing to put the hard work required to craft your skills and talent. 

To err is only human. Tell us about an on-stage epic fail that still makes you cringe.

I froze on stage! That might sound perfectly normal to someone who thinks public speaking is a nightmare. But for a seasoned emcee it's truly a nightmare. While hosting for an artist im a massive fan of, backstage my legs were shivering, I went up in front of an audience shaking and couldn't say a word for almost a minute.

If you could, what would be your advice to yourself as a newcomer in the industry?

I have met some amazingly talented people who aren't confident about who they are. The only piece of advice I'd give to anyone is have faith in your talent and above all have faith in yourself. Be humble, have gratitude, if it's outside of your comfort zone relax it's part of the process. Enjoy the ride.

A word to aspiring emcees?

If you're excited by the thought of performing and entertaining people, If you enjoy challenges, if you like being put on the spot, you'll love being an emcee. If your instincts point to it and if you have this feeling in your soul that you have a voice that needs to be heard, In the words of Dan Weiden, just do it.

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