The rules of the marketing game have changed"- Vicky Ahuja, Director of Marketing, Baggit


Baggit, one of India’s most promising handbag brands is known to heavily use the medium of BTL to market itself. The brand recently was instrumental in hosting its own customized show at the Lakme Fashion Week and also ran its second edition of #PlayTheLifeGame campaign which managed to wow the social media by being the top trending item on twitter.

In a candid conversation with EE, ​Vicky Ahuja​, Director Marketing & Sales​, Baggit talks about the on ground initiatives of the brand and its marketing strategies ahead.

What defines the marketing philosophy for Baggit?

Our marketing philosophy is derived from the Brand Vision. The design, quality and aesthetics of the product are at the centre-stage and appeal the most. Without a doubt, our marketing strategies are designed to showcase these qualities in our products. The mall revolution has helped us reach Indian woman without huge investment in advertising. We do realise that with online e-commerce revolution, the rules of the game have changed, further.

Hence, we have added a layer of visibility above the traditional methods. As a result we entered the digital platform before other brands in the bag industry. We have social media strategy in place and we also leverage the power of PR. Additionally, we have done some select tie-ups for relevant visibility - Lakme Fashion Week and Bang Bang Movie.

Baggit follows franchise model and currently has its presence in 61 cities, including metros and tier II cities with 40 exclusive outlets and its presence in 300 multi brand retail stores. Internationally, we have made a foray into the Kenya market with an ultimate vision to make Baggit, a global brand.

What are the marketing campaigns Baggit has rolled out recently and how successful were they?

Baggit’s latest consumer driven campaign is “Play the life game” . The campaign celebrates the different roles and moods Contemporary women have in their lives. Keeping this in mind, the bags created have been matched to the moods displayed by women. We have done few innovative videos on our microblogging site where female audience can choose a video based on their mood and accordingly reached out to our TG through activations and engagements at one to one level. The campaign has been very successful. We gained maximum engagement on social media and trended nationally during Spring/Summer 15’ and Fall/Winter 15’. Also, our sales growth is testimony to the success of this campaign.


The brand is high on using digital and print campaigns to promote itself. Share with us some of your most engaging on-ground campaigns?

Some of the on-ground activations that Baggit has done involves mall promotions, fashion-shows and road shows.  We also made our maiden voyage in Lakme Fashion Week with a show of our own, in 2015. We also had a tie-up with Bang Bang movie, which involved more on-ground activations. Baggit merges online and on-ground integration to ensure amplification to the target audience.

Since social media plays a vital role in changing the lives of different consumers, Facebook is a critical part of the marketing mix. Facebook campaigns have worked for Baggit in building awareness, customer engagement, to launch our latest collections, invite our fans for events such as Lakme fashion week.


What are the upcoming campaigns Baggit looks forward to launch for the upcoming festive season?

For this upcoming festive season, Baggit is bringing a lot of interesting offers for their target audience. For the first time, consumers will stand a chance to choose between a plethoras of gift options. While the gifts are guaranteed, customers get a chance to choose between multiple options. Our USP lies in being an eco-friendly brand with a wide range of vegan products. We recently celebrated World Ozone Day to promote sustainable environment, where customers had an opportunity to recycle their old Baggit bag with a brand new Baggit Bag on preferential discount.

After Lakme Fashion Week what are some of the other associations down the line for the brand?

Yes, we have recently collaborated with Lakme Fashion Week. Infact, Baggit was the only bag brand who had their own show “The Baggit Show” at the Lakme Fashion week – Fall/Winter 2015. We are very opportunistic in the way we grab any opportunity that comes our way. And we make sure it fits in with the long term vision of the brand.

What does the brand hopes to accomplish by the end of the year?

With the launch of our campaign "Play The Life Game", our association with Lakme Fashion Week and many other fashion events, we hope to raise the brand's equity a notch higher in the minds of our current target audience. Also, we plan to expand by adding many more Exclusive Baggit stores in different cities, through distribution network. With the growth in Online retail, we hope to see baggit's presence strengthened in this sector as well. This goes without saying that our marketing strategies will also be more creative and more unconventional than usual. We look forward to using an interactive mix of on-ground, digital, experience driven campaigns that will help us establish a better connection with our TG.

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