The role of consumer sentiments and incentives in a marketing campaign: Sunil Nayak

Even a small smile on consumer’s faces will be one of the greatest accolades for the brand and its journey ahead writes Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels.


As consumers find new ways to stay positive and strong during these difficult times, each brand today is trying to bring forth acts of good deeds and gratitude through their campaigns to support the consumers. This not only brings smiles on their face but also carries immense marketing value.

The influential role of emotion in consumer behavior: Role and impact of consumer sentiments on purchases and consumption

Today, customers have tons of options; all the products are available easily in the market. So what makes them choose a brand? Emotions are the prime reason why consumers prefer a particular brand.

For me, brand is a mental depiction of a product in the consumer’s mind. If the brand showcases only the features and other details of the product, the customer won’t be motivated or influenced to buy it as there are no emotions linked to it. The consumer is likely to be a more loyal user or in fact try a new brand only when the brand can connect with a consumer’s mind with relatable emotions and respond with valuable solutions.

How the role of the marketer’s job is to NOT manipulate but cater and take into consideration the sentiments and talk to the consumer in the voice they understand

Nowadays, customers very well realize when a brand is just trying to push products. Customers get repulsed by this action very often. So, it is very important to genuinely help and connect emotionally with them.

Customers don’t want to be ‘sold’ to; they want to develop confidence towards the brand and this happens only when a brand understands their customer emotions and attends the same. Buyers engage with brands that have the ability to understand their problems and truly care about them, that aims at increasing the positives in their lives, that respects their emotional needs and delivers it, a brand that acknowledges their hard work and efforts and not with brands that just focuses on selling a mere product proposition.

While shaping the marketing campaigns especially during the time of crisis, empathy has become a go to approach. Such an approach garners you the share of mind of a consumer because they relate to it, feel good about it & above all considers the brand as a positive influence in their lives. Such deeds help build a strong relationship with the customers and build trust resulting into brand loyalty. So without a doubt it can be said that with kindness, everyone benefits!

As a brand it is our duty to do what we can to serve and strengthen our relationships with the customers and create a bond that is strong with positive emotions. Therefore keeping the kindness emotion in mind, we commemorated National Doctors Day, where we launched a gratitude initiative with #Returnthecare for thanking the determined doctors working on the frontline of the pandemic. We extended a heartfelt token of ‘thank you’ to the Doctors, with a special edition silver coin designed and crafted exclusively for the occasion on behalf of our consumers.

The campaign has enabled us to create a gratitude circle with consumers, doctors and the brand across the nation and it has been an encouraging experience for everyone involved.

How we need to change current non-positive emotions and sentiments into positive feelings

Good marketing includes a good understanding of the target customers, their daily lives, challenges, pleasures, perspective and being thankful to the customers for being a part of your brand Family. With the lockdown, everyone’s lives have changed completely. At one end, people are dealing with anxiety and grief, some have lost their jobs and the problems can go on and on. At the same time on the other hand there is a sense of security about the fact that you are together with your family sharing quality time and supporting each other

In such times, marketers should reanalyze the situation and act responsibly with care. Crafting campaigns that are sensitive to the present conditions, take into account customers concerns and trying your best to keep an upbeat and bring out a positive approach and messaging through the marketing campaigns is a must. It will be very important that marketers bring out ways that can turn negative emotions into positive as much as possible by truly expressing that they care. Even a small smile on consumer’s faces as a result of this will be one of the greatest accolades for the brand and its journey ahead.

Market with Kindness: How it works

Prior to COVID-19, many brands focused on more on traditional communications and to some extent on the empathy aspect. However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing that emotions play a much greater role in marketing campaigns.

Having said that, it is no surprise that empathy is important in brand campaigns and is a popular marketing strategy, it helps the brand to stay connected deeply with their core base. It gives the brand a chance to show their concern for its customers and the society. Kindness in marketing can, in fact, matter on a broader scope and influence customers positively.

Talking about India, we have many such brands that have a similar approach and believe in putting thoughtfulness and compassion forward in their campaigns.

Coca cola Company recent campaign titled #ToTheHumanRace, released an inspiring film saluting the generosity and courage of our everyday heroes. The campaign is a small expression of the brand's gratitude towards those who went above and beyond during the crisis.

Another example is the #KindnessIsCashless from Visa, the credit card brand which was created in December 2016 following the Indian government’s demonetization drive. This campaign gave a message to be kind to reach out and teach someone to go cashless as the nation was going through a cashless transformation.

A lot of things have changed during this pandemic but one thing should never change - the idea of putting the customers first. Creating a connection with the consumers is a true recipe for making any marketing campaign successful. The golden rule is to add elements of kindness in the campaigns.

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