The pressing issue of safety at events and precautionary steps to avoid mishaps

Certain event institutions are striving to make a difference in the current standards of the events industry, as the bigger names in the industry are joining hands to fight a pressing issue: the implementation of safety methods and creating awareness about a critical matter.


At a recent event, a few instances were brought to light that have happened due to small cut-downs and replacements that were done due to budget optimization, but have resulted in fatal damages to property and lives. Thus, keeping in mind the sensitivity of this matter a petition for safety was signed and a debate was carried out on how can one fight an evil like this one. 

Viraf Sarkari, Co-Founder and Director of Wizcraft explains, “As event producers, we always face the challenge of trying to meet the consumer’s demands within a limited time frame and it is always about bringing something amazing each time with a new added perspective to it. We are always asked to meet demands made to us and at some point a lot of people settle for cheaper substitute of the product to save on some cost. This is highly risky and does not carry a guarantee period with it. In our industry, the end user only looks at the final product and doesn’t want to spend on health and safety while trying to size down their budget. But, times like this we must stand our ground and choose to fight a quality war over the price war.”

What should ideally be the next steps for the event industry to help implement a change: 

Optimization of Time

Give your event producer time to make things happen. Challenges that one faces of arranging the perfect venue, team, production setup within a short time frame can be haphazardly done if the time span is too less. Pick safety over budget optimization and use checked and tested raw materials. Always making sure the safety standards are maintained. 

Acts, Certification and maintenance of equipment

Certifying every event is very important and should be implemented as a mandatory act as well as keeping ESI and floating policies in place is very important. Always opt for better equipment over a cheaper option to compensate for it. In the industry, promoting the type of event companies that have the legal papers or maintain ES, PF, Medical Insurance and raw material Insurance will encourage even the small businessmen to abide by the rules and law.


Maintain an Insurance premium for all the products and raw materials used as well as health and safety standard for all the equipment being used as well as employees. Maintain the backbone of every event- the electricals, installations and that there isn’t a margin error. Chart an autocrat design for every project and make sure every block is in place for it. In India, we don’t have any safety officers, thus we should take the individual responsibility of maintaining the safety standards.

Safe venues

Venues should be a staunch believers of maintaining the health and safety standards. Eg. Jio Gardens in Mumbai follows all the safety rules within their venue. Setting up individual committees that will sign up to be partners and be the ethical bodies that become the experts- check, examine and maintain the jurisdiction of health and safety. 

Practice what you preach 

Be the ones to follow and commit to the cause. If you own an event management business, inculcate a system within your organization. Sometimes the responsibility of work is to preserve our lives as much as others. 

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