The need for tech influencers to create disruptive content for brands to stay ahead of the curve: Tech Burner- Shlok Srivastava

We are content creators and we know how to connect with people on a deeper level writes Shlok Srivastava.


India is the hub of big changes right now, there have been countless tech brands that have been created just for India and major brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi have made countless products specifically for India.

Not just products but brands too have completely changed the way they market their products. Influencers have become their primary way of marketing every product and sometimes they cut traditional media and only influencers have started promoting the products, leading the brands to huge success.

Technology bloggers are on almost all social media platforms from their own, webistes, to YouTube to Instagram and others. They create simple, easy to watch and fun content around tech products. People say fun and tech don’t match; we are here to change that.

We have seen this first hand, that brands like Realme, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo who have been actively involved in working with us, have seen an exponential growth in the past years. For example- LG made some great smartphones and they were even better than some of their competitors in terms of features but they relied primarily on traditional media and hence fell short to convince customers to buy their products.

And it is not just the brands that are growing, but it is helping the industry as a whole to grow. The world’s biggest smartphone manufacturing facility is right now in India and it is owned by Samsung and they don’t just assemble but actually manufacture PCB’s (the circuit board) as well.

It is very different working with tech Influencers, because on one hand they trump most of the traditional media like TV’s or Radio that are run by big groups of people easily. But at the same time they are just a small group of people who produce unfiltered and raw but well produced content that people just connect with easily. It’s because they provide their viewers with firsthand experience of the products and not just read to them about the features and technicalities as they genuinely care about their audience and the audience can see that.

Marketing is different with us; brands that are used to traditional media they look at YouTube as an advertisement platform and they fail a lot. We have many times witnessed brands creating a script that the influencer reads out but that never works. We have worked with almost all the tech brands and the most successful campaigns are the ones where it is a collaborative effort between influencers and the brand. It’s not just about asking us to create the content around a product, it goes a lot deeper. We understand the sentimental value of the products and what it means to the brand and then we make sure it aligns with our audience. If it does, we share it with our audience, specifying the whole deal, the small problems, the features, the little quirks, the details, the criticism, and the improvements through a heart to heart conversation with the audience.

Brands love to associate with influencers who give out a personality of their own. Talking about a product doesn’t just mean specifying the details but also requires bringing out a personality through the screen and staying authentic. It is important to promote a product what we absolutely believe in and the brands can see the impact and they realize it soon. So a big part of is just saying no to brands and products that we know our audience is not aligned with or we are not aligned with.

We are content creators and we know how to connect with people on a deeper level, we understand them deeply and that allows us to create something that goes viral, creates an impact and even disrupt the industry.

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