The man who roared like a Lion but cared like a Bear: Shivjeet Kullar

God Bless you Michael, you led with your heart like a Lion, and built an empire writes Shivjeet Kullar.


The sudden demise of Michael Menezes, Chairman of Showtime Group and Founder President of EEMA India has come as a shock for the entire industry.

Menezes was associated with the events and experiential industry for the last four decades. He commanded a rare reputation in brand-building and experiential marketing and was the man behind the strategic and tactical vision of the Showtime Group.

Remembring Menezes and his immense contribution to the events and experiential industry, Shivjeet Kullar, startup founder, event conceptualiser, creative director, author, columnist and ideator said, “It may sound strange but Michael Menezes taught me how to be brave. He faced life so head on and took on any challenge despite the odds that me, the mouse, learned a lot from the lion. What else do you say about a man who phones you at 10 am and asks 'hey Jeetu (he called me that) what are you doing?' and I said 'just relaxing, why?' to which he replied 'why don't you drop by I'm having a triple bypass surgery in a few hours!”

Kullar also shared that along with his lion heart there was an amazing caring side to him also.  “So many people owe so much to him. And that sense of humour - that's really where our minds met. Grey Humour, Black Humour. Red Humour. We were one twisted partnership. In fact the moment I heard his news, knowing his fondness for Goa I could hear him whisper ' I didn't want Wendell to go up alone!'. God Bless you Michael you led with your heart like a Lion, and built an empire, and I know you're reading from up there so I'll add 'I can't bear to see you go!' God loves you, I Love you”, stated Kullar.

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