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The event planning industry is an old one with various chapters written in its history. Events which started out as community gatherings, festivals and pageants, balls etc, with time and technology have preceded to being full blown theme based, dramatic, larger than life social events. I still remember there was a time when social events were designed and fabricated only to celebrate happiness and frolic but overtime the definition of these celebrations have changed and now along with the intention to celebrate happiness about a particular instance, events today have also become a platform to display one’s status and how far can one go to give the most lavish and joyous experience to their guests.

The evolution of social events has been as phenomenal as the evolution of our modes of communication. Much like the modes of communication, the transformations in the social events domain have also been dynamic in nature. Our clientele will notice a fashion trend, a film, or even spectacular interiors from a venue that they have visited recently and would want that to be translated into reality at their events. “The Great Gatsby”, starring Leonardo Di Caprio was released in May 2013, and was on our company’s drawing boards a week later after a client was awestruck from the movie. As a result our rendering was produced as a full décor concept later that November.

In comparison to the earlier times, the clients today are much more aware of their tastes and preferences. It is really refreshing to see this change as I have been designing weddings since the time when we were just given an approximate budget for the event and the entire concept and execution of the wedding was shouldered to us. Today as the clients have the capacity to spend more and are more exposed to various cultures, norms and traditions, this has also led to them to ask for specific demands at their events. Gone are the days of the coy bride who did not even look up to say hi, today the brides and their grooms have a clear and concrete vision for their dream wedding, which we have to give shape to, and with every little detail associated with the wedding that has an emotional value to them.

Experience is the key word I would use to describe the event industry today. As it is the experiences that people obtain in their travel, leisure or routine affairs that they desire to inculcate in their events. Simple fascination towards a place, sometimes leads to events which are specifically designed to depict the attachment. In our experience we have often done events where we have recreated the beauty and opulence of places such as Paris, Greece to match the client’s desire.

Also the transformation in the social events domain is not limited only to the demands expressed by the clients. Over the years, the event Industry has also evolved technologically to adapt to the current trends. Computer aided tools, social Media, special design Software, and easy communication techniques make the process of Event designing a much simpler process. Client approvals for the finest of details are one photograph away. Also these technological elements have found their presence everywhere, from the invitation cards to the overall attire of the bride and groom and from the revolving stage and décor to the mobile seating arrangements, a huge change is openly evident.

The clients today also wish to incorporate Social media as an element to their wedding. Not only are the social media platforms today helpful in getting more information about latest trends but they also make you accessible to an entirely different world out there. Weddings that trend on social media grab the most eyeballs and are termed the best organized. So as you see, everything has changed in the social events domain in the last decade. The only thing that is yet to change about weddings in India today is the anxiousness of a new journey in the eyes of the bride and the sense of contentment in the face of the groom as the bride joins him on the stage for all times to come.

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