The challenge today is that most marketers are still living in the past – Atul S Nath, MD, Candid Marketing


Q1. Please comment on the current status of experiential marketing in India. What is the growth as seen in 2013?

Experiential Marketing has seen great growth over the past few years and the same was true in 2013. What is heartening is that the growth has been despite an overall sense of mixed emotions in the economy as a whole. Also, new and exciting facets to the experiential marketing business are beginning to appear on the horizon which augurs well for the industry.

Q2. What according to you, is the best experiential marketing campaign that India has seen till now?

It’s hard to mention just one campaign because over the years there have been so many. Straightaway, campaigns like Cadbury #Bid for Silk, Nokia Appathon, Pepsi’s Mera Number Aayega, Oreo Guinness World Record, Lifebuoy Roti, Gillette You Shave I shave and so many more come to mind.

Q3. And the worst?

The best thing about the worst campaigns is that they are quickly forgotten !

Q4. In a brand's life there are stages for Marketing, Experiential Marketing and Advertising. Do you think Experiential is taking over simply Marketing, or do they have to work in sync?

Absolutely no doubt that they have to work in sync. The relative ratio of spends will vary based on various factors and priorities in the marketing context but the need for a combination is irrefutable. The challenge today is that most marketers are still living in the past where advertising and mass media was naturally of paramount importance, that’s changed without the marketers’ mindset changing.

Q5. What according to you is the one thing that experiential agencies in India need to keep in mind to create world class experiences for their clients? 

The consumer. The experience that the brand wants to create for the consumer has to be built for the consumer first rather than for the brand first.

Q6. Every marketer needs to be catered to differently. What is the biggest challenge that you face while serving your clients and how do you overcome that?

Every marketer and every individual is unique; the same cannot be said for a brand necessarily. And that is a bigger challenge than any. Sometime one is left creating a campaign for the client rather than for the brand. That’s a trap that an agency must steer clear of.

Q7. Being an award winning agency, how do you keep evolving yourself year after year and still manage to keep the winning formula? What do you plan to do differently in 2014?

I have always believed that leading an agency or business is like riding a bicycle, if you stop pedaling, you fall….. and just like that I challenge our team to step forward and beat ourselves year after year. What makes it easier are some great competition and even more so some very very demanding and challenging clients!

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