The bold and brave world of open-Office spaces, culture, working relationships and more by Atul Sharma Managing Director, Ruder Finn India

As workforce turns millennial, employers are consciously recreating workspaces that not only enhance creativity but also act as accelerators to ensure a steady flow of ideas and a culture of openness.


Technology is changing our world, hopefully for better

Living in a day and age fiercely driven by technology, opens the world of communications to enormous possibilities. As it is often said, the world is not only becoming smaller, more connected, and more open ---perhaps it is a matter of time that the six degrees of separation theory will soon be up for upgradation. I’m willing to hedge my bets on four degrees--- in the next ten years. The business of communications has certainly seen a churn and at the bedrock of this change lies transformation, innovation, the rise of digital media and our growing dependence on data and analytics. Increasingly brands are opening their doors to live-data to decipher consumers trends and forecasts, that are being used to carve out tailor-made communications strategies.

In today’s fast-moving world, transformation is what fuels successful businesses. With the advent of social media, and the rapidly shifting media playing field, our aim at Ruder Finn India is to help business institutions transform the way they do business, go to market and communicate with the stakeholders that matter the most.

People, who create and care, will have the jobs of the future

To lead this change, one needs the best minds at work, minds which are not only creative and disruptive, but also have the ability to inspire client confidence, build trust with influencers ranging from media to influencers to policy advocates and work collaboratively to nurture teams of the future. How does one create the perfect workplace, which can inspire a workforce of millennials, whose ideas and aspirations are not only fast-moving but forever evolving?

Workplaces of the future

The first recommendation - do not attempt to create a perfect workplace, the new gen likes their frailties as much as they love their strengths. To keep up with the millennials, that will constitute India’s largest workforce in the years to come, more and more companies are consciously moving towards creative, innovative and engaging workspaces for the gen-next.

Adopting this trend, Ruder Finn India recently moved its base and operations in Gurugram into a new office that will service brands with a host of integrated marketing solutions that incorporate a healthy mix of public relations, social, digital, influencer and emerging technologies. Catering to the modern-age tech needs of its workforce, the company aims to provide services for its clients that go beyond the role of a conventional public relations agency. The new space is curated to encourage a free flow of ideas where open spaces also encourage open mindedness with creativity being at the helm of that thought process.

Balance the forces – Open workstations paired with collaborative workspaces

Based on the open-space model that was first conceptualised by US architects and designers who believed in taking down barriers, the company’s new space has a handsome dose of bright-red, yellow and green hues, swings, intelligently-named meeting rooms and cabins and a telephone booth. Opting for flatter structures, RF Gurugram has an open office seating and lots of collaborative spaces to spark the imagination---a Story Room to define the shape of stories, news hub to create topical media pitches and content room to spark off interesting content ideas. At the centre of this lies an imaginatively-designed wishing tree with faux grass beneath it. For those with an active imagination, it imitates the great outdoors giving one the impression of working amidst a meadow even.

Commenting on new beginnings, Atul Sharma, Vice President and Managing Director, India said, “We at Ruder Finn believe transformation is the key and this move will help us consolidate Ruder Finn’s various services under one roof. We believe in keeping people at the centre of everything we do, and this is not limited to our clients but also to all the young minds that work at Ruder Finn India. Ideas and minds flourish in conducive work-environments and with this new office we aim to do just that. Being the business of creativity, it’s important to constantly evolve and assimilate global best practices. This move is a step towards that direction.”

Given that professionals spend a large part of their time behind the desk, Ruder Finn’s new office offers plenty of co-creating and recreational spaces like the “Listening Room” power-nap corners and a “Game Room” for breaks. “For professional like me whose job revolves around ideation and creative strategy, having an office that replicates the warmth of a home is what makes this new office all the more special,” said an employee. And perhaps a rich dose of natural light with the Aravallis flanked at a far distance is an additional enticement to reach office much ahead of business hours.

Atul Sharma is the Managing Director at Ruder Finn India

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