The big fat Indian weddings go on a diet: Ishta Khosla, Founder and Director, Bride and Baraat

People have started opting for more intimate weddings, and that seems to be the current trend writes Ishta Khosla.


The lockdown has brought the whole world on hold, affecting not just the economies of nations but even the regular human life creating a new normal for every industry and every part of the world. From travel to hospitality to banks and to even the simple food industry, each one is now struggling to embrace these changes and accept what we call the “new normal of a socially distant world”. As the founder of Bride and Baraat, a wedding planning company, I’ve recently witnessed some drastic changes in the business of weddings as well that are sure to change the face of the glorious celebrations of our society. With the lockdown measures, the general psyche about public gatherings is undergoing a transformation.

People really believe, considering the wedding culture of Indians, that a bigger wedding is always better. The rising pandemic would really disagree. As the rising concerns of general health escalate, the big fat Indian weddings are put on a strict diet. People have started opting for more intimate weddings, and that seems to be the current trend. The government has directed a maximum of 50 guests per wedding, which will probably remain the norm for the coming days. As the lockdown restrictions lift and the need for precautions is reduced, we can expect more guests allowed per wedding.

The way it appears is, for people who are open to intimate weddings, home weddings or an intimate celebration at a small venue does the trick. On the other hand, the supporters of the big fat Indian wedding will wait it out till 2021-2022.

Another trend we can expect is the gradual movement towards outdoor weddings. Not only are they more beautiful, such celebrations can also help in maintaining social distancing and eliminate the lack of ventilation. Closed venues used to be highly preferred, to eliminate noise complaints due to loud music. Getting outdoors will try to bring order to these celebrations and push everyone to observe acceptable timings.

My advice for couples is to maintain positivity and become adaptable to the situation. It is important to understand that all the wedding planners and vendors are doing their very best and taking all precautions. Advancing with the situation has always been the best thing to do in any tough situation. As a planner, another advice I’d give to couples is that hiring a good photographer is the key. A good photographer will make your candid moments look more aesthetic no matter where the celebrations are.

It seems to me that, in the near future, weddings will start taking place at drivable distances. India seems to have a wide list of scenic and beautiful locations. While currently, destination weddings are out of the question, the hospitality industry can really come to the forefront. It wouldn’t be justified to compare our locations with the ones abroad, but our hospitality industry can up their game and compensate with a better service standard. It also cannot be forgotten, there is a requirement for more precautions on behalf of venue providers such as resorts, hotels, banquets, etc.

Without saying much about the uncertainty of recent situations, it is my belief that the entire fraternity of wedding planners, hospitality providers, designers, Make-up Artists, Mehendi artists, wedding photographers and more, will live up to all challenges and adopt a safety-first approach for coming times making the Indian wedding celebration a jolly affair for each one of us.

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