The big fat Indian wedding is going green: Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-Founder, FB Celebrations

Bhavnesh Sawhney shares some tips and ideas that couples can keep in mind when planning an eco-friendly affair.


If you are planning to get married in 2020, brace yourself to tie the knot in a very different way. With the implications of the current scenario and the COVID 19 situation at hand, the new go to theme for weddings has transformed from being OTT and flair to small and intimate. Trends and décor elements have been reimagined and reinvented to fit the requisite norms, and the minimalistic approach seems to be working out best for everyone.

This season, Eco Friendly weddings have set foot into the events space and have already picked up on popularity. Millennial couples are all about making sustainable choices, giving back, being health conscious and environment friendly - giving a twist of green vibes to events. Keeping this in mind, event organizers have been able to beautifully turn this into a much-desired wedding theme for the approaching season – the big fat Indian wedding is going green.

Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-Founder, FB Celebrations Pvt. Ltd. shares some tips and ideas couples can keep in mind when planning an eco-friendly affair:

1. Re purpose your flowers – Flowers are one of the key components to any wedding, they add the extra colour, texture and set your mood to beauty and elegance. But what happens to these beautiful pieces when the wedding day is over, they go right in the waste. Instead, you can use them for composting, donate them to a retirement home or even give them back to industries that recycle flowers and use them to make incense sticks. There is a lot one can do with used flowers, and clients can opt for their best preference from the host of options.

2. Use Local flowers – Not every flower is grown in all regions, a lot of the ‘international’ flowers used at weddings are imported and heavy chemicals are used on them, so the flowers survive the journey and they stay alive till used at an event. Therefore, using locally sourced flowers is a much better choice as they are fresh and still add the touch of comfort you want. This also helps minimalize the consumption of fuels by the various transportation services involved.

3. Eco friendly Invitations – Weddings right now have a limited cap of guests that can be hosted, and the number is so small that many couples have shifted to sending e-invites. Some families that still prefer the physical invitations are following more eco conscious methods and creating cards with recycled paper and soy-based inks.

4. Organic and Handmade Gifts - Choose gifts that support the local craftsmen, like handmade soaps and lotions, handmade candles etc. You could also opt for giving small bonsai plants or a plant your own tree kit. Couples are getting creative but ensuring they choose gifts that contribute to a greater cause, are organic and eco-friendly.

5. Crockery and Cutlery – Make use of utensils and cutlery items that are sustainable and recyclable. Instead of using disposal / bone china cutlery and crockery, organizers suggest that clients use thalis in brass or steel and they also create a desi vibe. Cut back on straws from the bar and any other plastic accessories used at the bar.

6. Donate Extra Food – Weddings that were OTT often saw a lot of extra food, now that celebrations have got more intimate, its suggested that clients limit the food choices as well. You would rather spend a little more on the quality of food over quantity. In India, the Robin Hood Army is a great place to share the surplus food.

7. Décor – Prior to the pandemic, couples used to get really creative with the bar and food areas, making them into a central décor element. However, with fewer guests and an eco-friendlier option would be to mask the bar or food counters with jute fabric rather than flex and plastic materials and adorn them with pretty origami paper cranes and/or Paper-Mache décor. Make use of handmade candles to light up the venue as they are more eco-friendly and have minimal carbon footprints.

8. Outdoor Venues – Clients have been opting for more outdoor venues since it is open air, big and allows enough air and space around. People want to be ensued they are safe while attending a wedding, and outdoor functions gives people that assurance. The good thing with outdoor events is that you can incorporate the trees and plants as part of the décor. Whether its setting up the Mandap under a tree or using the barks of the trees for hang cute décor or lights. There is a lot you can do outdoors

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