The amazing evolution of consumer experience in the last mile of purchase- Pushpa Bector

Forming large partnerships and collaborations to building a lasting experience can go a long way in earning positive sentiments from customers, writes Pushpa Bector, EVP & Head - DLF Shopping Malls.


As the largest brick and mortar aggregators, we have always focused towards the provision of an end-to-end customer experience. It’s always been about enticing consumers to make a purchase. Be it by ensuring a pleasant experience, addressing queries and giving information, offering special services, or by making sure that this whole relationship makes a customer come back to the mall for more. But, this segment of modern connected consumers has evolved from their traditional guise by re-inventing their behavior, mindsets, shopping trends, and purchase patterns.And our offering has to be in sync with the current trend.

Be it the unprecedented rise in disposable income, rising influence of the social media or western counterparts, the advent of e-commerce or even the access to a hyper-digital ecosystem, the consumer is on the lookout for constant connectivity and contextual relevance from beginning to end. Their focus is no longer restricted simply to consumption; they are on a quest to purchase something unique. They want to experience something more customized and indulge in services that are seamless and meets their expectations.

As a mall we have been evolving constantly to ensure that our customers have unforgettable and impressive experiences. Providing a strong spectrum of choices makes it ideal for the trend-conscious discerning customers. However, think about it, despite of having a fabulous and exotic range of iconic brands that are envisaged to be unique and experiential, the customer is unable to find anything that suits their choice?  Or worse; everything is going great till the time payments refuse to get processed due to a technical glitch. As trivial as these issues may sound, they form a major crux of a consumers purchase decision. These decisions are always at the top of their mind when they are looking for a quality shopping experience coupled with a chic ambience. The environment that is created for them, to the vibes they get from your mall; they pay attention to every minor detail that tends to affect their call to action in the long run. After all, they have higher expectations, and in addition to being better informed they are empowered and are seeking an immersive customer experience the minute they enter.

It is extremely important as a shopping destination to understand and create touch points that will lead to a relationship. With so many options at their disposal, shopping experience can go from beyond an exceptional customer service, to differentiating themselves with signature moments that is critical to a customers buying journey. From, a product recommendation, to personalizing retail and making it as meaningful as possible; a compelling customer journey that ignites the last mile of the purchase is the new shopping standard. By taking utmost care of the customer’s ever-changing expectation, tailored suggestions, specific consumers’ wants, the transition of increased customer purchase will be profoundly noticeable. Forming large partnerships and collaborations to building a lasting experience, these are some favorable ways of approaching a customer that go a long way in earning positive sentiments from them. It also enables a more significant purchase decision.  

Our evolved consumers are experiencing a life filled with countless choices. We have to keep pace with their expansive needs and requirements. This can be done by making sure that our offerings not just perfectly relevant and perfectly timed, but also unparalleled, has value propositions, applies cutting-edge technology and provides a better ecosystem for both the consumer and economics.

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