The World of Sport is facing its biggest crisis since the Second World War

My aim is to ensure that my every column has a positive bent, and serves the purpose of celebrating SPORT with integrity writes Singh.


I was privileged to be born into an army household. My Father in his day was possibly one of India’s best Equestrian Riders the Indian Army ever produced. He Commanded the prestigious 22nd Mounted Regiment and won all competitions from Steeplechase, Dressage, Tent pegging to Trick riding. My Mother from her early days shared the very same Passion,in a saddle she too could more than hold her own. I’m sure Cupid was riding past when he fired his first arrow, how else can one explain the rare possibility of a Parsi marrying a Sikh in the late 50s

Irrespective of where my Father was posted, there was always an Army club in close proximity to our Home. We played Sport for hours on end each day,come rain or shine,and it was encouraged. More importantly,My brother Vivek and me are truly grateful to our parents for imbibing in us the ability to Face and Live Life by values associated with Sport. Respect, Equality, FairPlay, Passion, Have fun, Give it your all, think on your feet, and when it’s over never ever forget to thank your opponent for the opportunity. I can proudly state that  Procam International has been built on these very values.

This being my very first column, I thought it relevant to share a window into my background, it helps in establishing a rapport. In a similar vein, it's equally important to set for my readers the context and tone of my forthcoming columns. Let’s start with why I decided on HAIL MARY as the title for my columns. Outside it’s biblical meaning, it’s an expression associated with the NFL, when a quarter back throws a long forward pass in the very last seconds of a close game to hopefully achieve a touchdown. Due to the odds stacked against this play,Hail Mary is uttered as a silent prayer in hope. However, to suit my dual purpose my interpretation is a bit skewed. First, it's an opportunity where I’m able to share my experiences and put FORWARD my personal thoughts. Historically Procam has rarely tread the beaten path, it has always strategically and passionately chartered it’s own course, even when the odds were stacked against us. The difference being our Hail Marys were not necessarily silent.

My aim is to ensure that my every column has a positive bent, and serves the purpose of celebrating SPORT with integrity. I’m aware that I will often disagree,but I’m also aware that a positive approach with honest intent, gets the same message across louder and clearer. Conversations will be topical, contemporary, and at times draw attention to matters that could well turn significant in the near future.

Let the Games begin

Right now, The World of Sport is facing its biggest crisis since the Second World War. The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted Everything and everyone connected, yes, some less than others. Even countries with limited or no exposure are issuing strong advisory’s as a precautionary measure. I’m of the belief that citizens and the economy of those specific countries/regions would be better served, if authorities issued advisory’s recommended by a panel of independent medical experts, rather than take refuge in the old adage ‘Better to be safe than sorry’. A shining example is the UK Govt’s Department of Culture,Media and Sport quote “ There is no rationale to postponing sporting events in Britain because of Coronavirus” end quote,even though in the UK over 300 have tested positive and 5 deaths recorded. If within the next two months we are unable to control or contain the spread of this virus, The World of Sport will suffer unimaginable consequences at every level. Let’s not forget The Tokyo Olympics, Euro Cup and the T20 Cricket World Cup are all scheduled within the next few months. 

HAIL MARY keep us safe from any viruses but allow us the pleasure of an occasional Corona. 

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