The Storytellers: An event for real people, to make real connections


In January 2015 a bunch of artists, producers and art lovers got together to form a community and named it Kommune. The idea was simple- to nurture creative performance ideas. Emerging from this objective ‘The Storytellers’ was shaped as an event taking inspiration from the age-old tradition of sharing stories around a campfire and was reimagined to fit the lifestyle of the average urban youth.

While Tinder, Facebook, Instagram are supposedly platforms to help one become more ‘social’, when you think about it social media connections are, more often than not, fleeting and lifeless. In a world where people largely communicate across screens, The Storytellers is an endeavor to connect face to face, over real life experiences and stories that come straight from the heart.

The event has two types of sessions- Workshop and Pro. The Workshop features few selected storytellers while many more are discovered through a moderated session, whereas a Pro session features selected and crafted stories told to a sizeable audience with the objective to inspire.

Touring multiple cities such as Mumbai and Lucknow, The Storytellers came to The Epicentre in Gurgaon on 16 December for a pro session curated by Roshan Abbas featuring close to two dozen storytellers sharing real life experiences in less than 5 minutes each. Lets just say there are events that you attend, and then there are events that you take home. The Storytellers is truly an experience that is bound to stick. Relatable stories that make you stop and think, authentic emotions that come easy and a mixed bag of an audience including children and elders alike, completely set the tone for a ‘real’ and memorable experience.

The Storytellers are scheduled to present at the Epicenter in Gurgaon on 28 January 2016. So unplug and go hear a story! But before that, here’s a whiff of what they do.

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