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The lockdown might have taken away the fancy studios, and the shooting spaces, but it couldn’t take away the ‘will to create’ from these artists, and that’s what Raat Kaari is all about.


“With the world staying put at home, people are looking for meaningful digital escapes. The onus is on artists to help the world survive the covid storm. Creative collaborations made despite the lockdown, give moments of joy and inspiration for viewers.” - says Krishan Jagota, founder of Fluid, a new-age networking and content platform for art forms across the spectrum. “We at Fluid, believe that creative people love meeting other kind of creative people and in the process, growing together.” 

Adapting to digital times, Fluid organises weekly digital meetups for its network of creative professionals to inspire and keep each other motivated. It's heartening to witness Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Storytellers, Designers, Magicians and Entrepreneurs from around the world join in, on video calls. 

True to the spirit of co-creation, renowned poet Navaldeep Singh, collaborated with a bunch of artists to put together a beautiful song called ‘Raat Kaari’, that discovers romance in the time of the lockdown. 

“The first time I thought of Raat Kaari I was sitting in my balcony and couldn’t sleep. I thought of how long the night felt, quite similar to the times we are in right now. We all want this night of darkness that has come due to the virus, to end. This metaphor got me started. The process was unbelievable. I haven’t been part of such a beautiful collaboration before, where people have been working tirelessly from their own homes, extremely serious about their work.” – says Navaldeep Singh, writer and director, who has performed on the biggest platforms and has also directed the famous play ‘Javeda’. 

The lockdown might have taken away the fancy studios, and the shooting spaces, but it couldn’t take away the ‘will to create’ from these artists, and that’s what Raat Kaari is all about. Of course there were concerns about not being able to jam together, about the recording from home and about not being able to shoot normally, but the team decided to look past all these obstacles and go ahead anyway, just for the sheer joy of creating something new together.

“I had to cover myself with a thick blanket and shut the window, put off the fan and AC and record the vocals to avoid unnecessary noise going into the microphone. My whole body was sweating and as a result my head would start hurting because of the heat and suffocation.” – says AB Madhav, a famous vocalist and professor of music. 

The composition was mixed and produced by Deepak Pinto (The Media Tribe), thanks to support from Artist Aman Moroney who’s helped despite being stuck in Trinidad and Tobago. 

The team also took up the challenge of shooting the music video from home, with them being directed over zoom calls, and actors taking the help of their family members to shoot them. 

“One important thing that I learnt while working on Raat Kaari is that usually in order to achieve certain things we end up waiting for the desired conditions but sometimes all you need to do is make it with what you have. We legit had to use zoom, teamviewer, whatsapp and anything else we could use in the star cast's homes including their family members!”– says Ali, the executive producer and co- founder of Tape-A-Tale, India’s largest real-life storytelling platform. 

Raat Kaari is the perfect answer to all the excuses we make for not being able to do certain things because of unfavourable conditions. 

The actors also did an incredible job by getting shot from home, and the support they received from their families was instrumental in the coming together of this video. 

“I was feeling low at the beginning, but working with such a passionate team is enough to keep you motivated. Plus my father handling the camera gave me the push to give it my best. “ – says Aaryan, who played the character of Zyan in the video. 

“This process made me realize how important it is to create an environment at home to be able to execute something like this , to make everyone serious about it as much as you are, otherwise your effort just goes to waste and it shows. At one point I was shooting with 7 piles of books, my protein box and a tissue paper holder as my setup .” – says Guneet, who played the character of Keya in the video. 

With Navaldeep switching between dishes and direction, Madhav going under the covers, quite literally, turning his living room into a recording studio with the help of an old blanket, and the actors being directed on the video call and being shot by their family members, this beautiful piece came to life.

“The overall objective of the story is to show how miscommunication affects a relationship in such testing times. It’s about the survival of the fittest and the survival of the person who actually wants to go for it. So the “method of madness” always works! That’s our main message. That we were mad enough to make a music video in the lockdown, the actors were mad enough to shoot it, the protagonists were mad enough to keep trying till they actually achieve want they want to. “– says Navaldeep.

The beautiful piece is available here:

We hope this song brings you some cheer during this Kaari ‘covid’ Raat. 

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The author is Fluid member Srishti Bansal, a Curious Explorer and an Innovation designer at Leo Burnett, Mumbai.

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