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Networking is simply talking to people, making connections and developing rapport to grow your circle of influence writes Krina Gindra.


Remember that smart kid from your class who used to help you with your projects, assignments or tests because you were nice enough to let him play with your video games? That neighborhood acquaintance, or for many their siblings, who helped them in completing their tasks or prepared them for their exams. Not everyone in your class had this privilege, but you did, because you had the right network. Well, we have been inadvertently enjoying the aids of networking since our childhoods.

“No man is an Island”. These words by the English writer and Anglican cleric John Donne, assert the notion, that a person, in order to bloom, need to be part of the community. It’s been 396 years since then, and still his words cannot be proved to be defying.

The requisites of success are not confined to the skills particularly required to perform certain jobs but also to cultivate the professional relations that can bolster your growth, in fact without these professional relations, or using the perfect term, your ‘network’, your skills might not ever be able to reach the pedestal.

Networking, a skill that should be at the core of our careers is often taken for granted in the early stages of our careers, the reason being, oblivion of the ‘Needs of Networking’.

We already came to the topic! Let’s dive right into it.

Networking develops your credibility

Networking is not just about hunting the potentially helpful people, it can better be described as farming relevant connections into fruitful relations. Establishing mutually benefitting professional relations bolsters your reputation and hikes up your credibility in the market. Assisting a colleague with the valuable information or resources you have will undeniably result into a connection that can add as credibility source.

Removes the Invisibility Cloak

Potter’s Invisibility Cloak is surely a super cool piece of outfit, but when the motive is to grab opportunities and sell your skills in the market, it might not be a compatible choice. Networking with people actually makes you and your skills visible in the professional community. Unless you are a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, establishing a presence in the professional community will apparently bring you relevant opportunities.

A bonus Support System

Who can guide you better to your career path than the people who have experienced it? Connections who are aligned with your career choices tend to be a bonus source of information, keeping you updated with the latest career trends relevant to you. Individuals who have reached the top of the mountain already, often pass on the knowledge and resources to the ones needed in their network.

These were some reasons why networking must be an essential aspect in order to construct a successful career. In its purest form, networking is simply talking to people, making connections and developing rapport to grow your circle of influence.

Keep growing your cycle of influence!

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