The Largest Painting in Natural Indigo by Artist Sangeeta Gupta

Through her revolutionary rendition of art, Sangeeta has depicted different aspects of Shiv-Shakti in her painting-Adiyogi Shiva.


India, a land known for its rich heritage and culture does little justice to some of its unsung, hidden treasures that need a slight propelling to come out in open and make their place in the world that is deaf to the calmness and serenity that pure forms of culture bring with them. One of such understated and underplayed techniques that has its roots deep within the Indian soil is the art of dabu printing and indigo dyeing. The blue cotton fabric that sashays through Indian cloth markets every summer displaying a huge array of prints is a result of this humble technique luring women of all ages; men too!

Inspired by the natural indigo technique of Sagner – Bagru, Sangeeta Gupta, an acclaimed artist, poet and film maker, and recently retired as chief commissioner of Income Tax, felt responsible to give voice to a handicraft methodology as unique as this one and endeavored into taking it to another level. In a period of 8 days and 9 nights the artist breezed her way through her passion and devotion overcoming challenges to give birth to a record breaking masterpiece – Adiyogi Shiva: A journey in Cosmic Indigo – the largest painting ever made by an artist.

Through her revolutionary rendition of the art, Sangeeta has depicted the different aspects of Shiv-Shakti. Under the esteemed guidance of renowned Jaipur artist Ashok Atrey and Natural Dye expert Brij Udaywal, Sangeeta showcases Lord Shiva through the elements that contain him in every atom of their existence – the damru, the trishul, his third eye, the ardhnarishwar roop and the various tandavs, have been depicted in their abstract and symbolic forms throughout 71 pieces of the humble khaddar fabric joined together to make this huge masterpiece that measures a massive 606 feet and 11 inches in length and stretching 3 meters wide. Bathed in indigo – the colour of Lord Shiva – the painting is a delight and has already won many accolades while to paves its way for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Enthralled and encouraged with the response to her painting, Sangeeta says, “I have never felt so satisfied despite showcasing my works in the Indian terrain as well as internationally as much as I feel now. The idea to raise every person attached with this intricate yet so delightfully exuberant craftsmanship gives me all the more energy to work hard for a cause so close to my heart. It will be quite a revolution to bring indigo cultivation, a native practice to India on a podium where it is looked upon as something worthwhile. The chain reaction will be a beneficial one right from the level of the vulnerable farmer to the modest dyers in the rural India and the craftsmen, encouraging everyone while uplifting the positioning of indigo in the global eyes.”

Indeed, a viable commercial venture that envisions the upliftment of our unsung heroes, the farmer, and the craftsmen is the need of the hour and it must be treated as priority. With hearts and minds that beat for the ones at ground level, India for sure is a rich country and a proud one too. It was an Indian, Sandeep Sinha from Pune who made it to The Guinness Book of World Records for creating an artwork measuring 525.06 feet, knock on wood for it should be an Indian, none other than Sangeeta Gupta this time too!

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