The Importance of The Right Data for Marketers: Siddhartha Vanvani

Data-driven marketing is extremely beneficial and important for marketers to stay updated with the campaign performance metrics writes Siddhartha Vanvani, Founder & CEO, Digidarts.


Data-dominated marketing is a key contributing attribute to escalate performance in the most accurate and transparent pattern. Unlike the yesteryear methods, advanced data-driven marketing is more useful in learning about complex outcomes via distinct channels. Another prime benefit of leveraging data-backed campaigns is that marketers personalize maneuvers based on the stats to exceed ROI, ROAS, and user acquisition/ retention. 

How Data-driven Marketing Is Useful For Clients

The inevitable advantage clients experience via data-led marketing is very impressive. They are provided performance stats, customer demographics, accurate user experience and enhanced webpage interaction to improve revenue generation. Also, clients get the advantage of personalizing campaigns in order to obtain desirable outcomes if the running strategies don’t work well. 

How Data-driven Marketing Is Useful For Marketers

The professional advantage marketers gain by data-driven methods is the working experience in advanced marketing techniques. The visible outcomes help them to acquire more clients as their performance analytics assure dependability. Hence, knowing the market trends and customer behavior, marketers can seize suitable results for their clients. 

Benefits of Data-driven marketing:-

1. Reliability

The first and foremost benefit of data-driven marketing is reliability. Marketers are recognized as reliable solution providers when they exhibit 

accurate data on the applicable aids offered earlier to their potential clients; this marks work credibility and dependability. 

2. Accurate Guidance 

Data-driven marketing is extremely beneficial and important for marketers to stay updated with the campaign performance metrics. It also helps in formulating favorable formulas that stand prominent in extracting high revenue via increasing sales. 

3. Spot the Target Audience

Every brand has a set of target audiences that marketers can vividly spot via data-driven analytics. Channel-wise segregation takes place, and later with the fruitful application of comprehensive stats, audience-oriented promotional activities are formed to escalate relevant traffic generation. 

4. Information about the Right Channel

The internet is an accumulation of varied advertising channels, starting from search engines to social media platforms which means, customers are scattered too. Here, data-based research to target the right channel is a handy preference of marketers to assure that every potential audience is under the radar. 

5. Success/ failure analysis

Sometimes live campaigns do not perform as per the expectation or vice versa. Uncalled circumstances can effectively alter the desired results, and markers are well aware of this fact. Hence, frequent performance data is collected to monitor the success/ failure of any live campaign.   

6. Communicate outcomes better

Another importance of using the right data for marketers is that the outcomes generated from each campaign are precise. There is no room for ‘approximate result’. Strategy, performance and outcome are the three pillars that communicate the fulfilment of agendas in each funnel. 

7. Highly-targeted strategies

Data-driven marketing strategies are highly goal-oriented, and the fusion of advanced stats and worthwhile promotional schemes work together to achieve the target and sustain it for high ROI. Every data is an integrated plan that covers minute aspects like audience interest, market trends, and suitable offers to deliver profit. 

8. Consistent campaigns

Once the efficiency of marketing strategies are taken into consideration, consistency in boosting the same takes place. It assures retargeting audiences and potential customers and encourages them to frequently visit the brand site. Consistent campaigns never let your brand go invisible or unnoticed on the digital portal via relatable ads.

9. Improved approach

Data-driven marketing is crucial for marketers as they have the advantage of altering their promotional game plan at any stage of the campaign. This is the primary liberty that helps the marketers to update their performance dashboard with happy clients and profitable results. Nonetheless, it is still better to keep a check on the running campaigns as in this evolving world, competitors also lay their best cards possible. 

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