The Bacardi NH7 Weekender experience begins in Delhi today


Some say this is the only festival to have really got the plot, the only one that will possibly survive the test of time while the rest inevitably die out. Delhi say hello to the NH7 Weekender, brought to you by Bacardi and Only Much Louder, rocking the stage in its fourth edition this year. Starting out in Pune from 18th -20th October, the festival travelled to Bangalore on 23rd and 24th November, it is currently in Delhi from 30th November to 1st December and will end with travelling to Kolkata for the first time on 14th and 15th December.


The BACARDI Arena features the biggest headliners of the festival, as well the best rock and metal acts from India and across the globe. The stage will unite festivalgoers across stages for the must-see headliners this year. Extreme metal giants  Meshuggah  (Sweden)  and  prominent alt-rock band MUTEMATH (New Orleans) will headline the BACARDI ARENA in Delhi, exhibit- ing his signature break-beat and experimental sound. The stage will also feature performances from four-piece post-rock band And So I Watch You From Afar (Ireland), Karsh Kale Collective + The NH7 All Stars (New York/India), hardcore act Scribe (Mumbai), known for their live energy and on-stage antics, local multi-genre act The Ska Vengers (Delhi), alternative rock band Tough On Tobacco (Mumbai), and the debut performance of experimental, progressive metal collective Sundog Project (Delhi).


The DEWARISTS, a brainchild of OML,  brings alive the best of folk, world and eclectic music to the festival featuring passionate artists with inspirational stories who create a laidback vibe, and constant sense of merriment throughout the day at this stage. This year, the stage features performances by British indie folk act Dry The River (London), who are going to release their sophomore studio album soon, the mesmerizing folk stylings of The Maganiyar Seduction by Roysten Abel (Rajasthan), popular folk band Kailasa (Mumbai), celebrated indie-pop vocalist Lucky Ali, Pakistani pop-rock stalwarts Noori (Lahore, Pakistan), local Hindi pop/sufi rockers Faridkot (Delhi) and comedy-rock favourites Vir Das’ Alien Chutney (Delhi).

 ERISTOFF Wolves Den

The high-energy ERISTOFF Wolves Den gets you to the dance floor with live electronica and dance music through the day. This year, ERISTOFF Wolves Den features performances from drum & bass pioneer Benga (London), electro hip-hop artist Michal Menert (USA) from the cutting-edge label Pretty Lights Music that pioneered and popularized the genre, Grammy- nominated producer J.Viewz (New York), bass heavy rising star Nucleya (Delhi), popular drum n’ bass and electronica duo Shiva Soundsys- tem (London), US-based electronica producer Kill Paris (Los Angeles) who will make his India debut with the performance, genre-defying electronica producer Sampology (Australia), and also hotly tipped young electronica producer Sandunes (Mumbai).

 MTS Other Stage

MTS Other Stage features raw acoustic talent, singer-songwriters and sometimes the most unexpectedly fantastic acts at the festival. This year, the stage will feature performances from the wholly encapsulating Rajasthan Roots, singer-songwriter Prateek, with a double bass and drums together known as the Prateek Kuhad Collective (Delhi), singer-songwriter Dhruv Visvanath (Delhi), popular singer-songwriter duo Zervas & Pepper (Wales, UK), alternative pop singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke (Australia), and upcoming indie-pop act Nischay Parekh (Kolkata).


The epic Red Bull Tour Bus travels to Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Delhi this year, bringing the best indie and emerging artists to the festival. The bus transforms into a stage at the festival, and will host a number of exciting acts, such as critically acclaimed producer Sahej Bakshi’s newly-formed band Dualist Inquiry Band (India), hugely popular folk-fusion act Swarathma

(Bangalore), up-and-coming indie-pop band Hey Geronimo (Australia), popular four-piece indie rock act We Were Promised Jetpacks (Scotland), hip-hop/drum n bass band Bombay Bassment (Mumbai), electronica duo FuzzCulture (Delhi), indie rock outfit MoonDogs (Jammu), popular garage punk band The Lightyears Explode (Mumbai), and four-piece alternative rock band Black Letters (Cochin).


Every year, Bacardi NH7 Weekender plays host to a number of stalls offering various products and services at the Bazaar. This year, attendees at the festival in Delhi can browse through stalls offering a variety of clothes, quirky and unique household products, party merchandise and a range of exciting accessories, among other things. For those who want nothing more than bags full of clothes and accessories, there are stalls such as Below the Belt, with funky boxers, night shorts and pyjamas; Plain White Tee,  a stall that offers white t-shirts with fun designs on them; Dark Reflections, with trinkets from around the world; Funky Dori, with everything from hand-painted sneakers to hair clips; and The Ribbon Factory, with pretty, handcrafted hair accessories. Other quirky stores include Ek Do Dhai, Oink and Maroon. There’s also a PETA Youth stall, for festival attendees who’d  like to show their support to the NGO’s efforts in spreading awareness about animal rights issues.

Art and Decor

At Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Delhi this year, each stage has been built and designed with  its own theme and story. The Bacardi Arena will have a retro feel to it and has been designed by Bombay Duck Designs. Décor for The Dewarists stage will draw from journeys and maps; plotting the journey of the musicians who have featured on the different seasons of the show and has been designed by Shilo Shiv Suleman. The Eristoff Wolves Den is extremely visual centric, and the entire stage is designed to support those visuals and create a strong audio-visual experience for the audience, with design by Vaibhavi Kowshik, while the MTS Other Stage uses hand- made chalkboard art, with design by Shilo Shiv Suleman.


One visual artist each will work on the Bacardi Arena, The Dewarists, Breezer Dub Station, Eristoff Wolves Den and MTS Other Stage, to ensure a multi-sensory experience. Delhi-based visual artist and independent filmmaker Santana Issar will take over the Bacardi Arena; Mumbai-based duo Wolves will treat festival-goers at the Eristoff Wolves Den to some mind-boggling visual content; VJ Silvio will bring his cutting-edge technology and creative brilliance to the Breezer Dub Station; and Activ8media, a visual consultancy firm, will showcase exciting 3D mapping and graphics at The Dewarists and MTS Other Stage.

MTS Discover Lounge

There are many reasons to visit the MTS Discover Lounge at the festival, not least of which is that within it are charging stations for your electrical devices, and what with all the Tweeting and Instagramming you’re likely to be doing, these will certainly come in handy. For the gamers, and aspiring gamers, there’s also Guitar Hero set up at the lounge. The highest scorer at this will get to take on a guitarist from one of the biggest acts at the festival, and the winner of this battle will win a Play Station3.

Transport and Lodging

With a venue some distance from the city centre, Grallo and Soundtrot, companies that provide transport and lodging solutions, have partnered with Bacardi NH7 Weekender to make travelling to the festival and bunking close to the venue economical, convenient and easy.

Grallo will offer festival goers a multitude of options to travel to the festival from various points in Delhi, with shuttle buses, taxi sharing and carpool options. There are also easy options to travel to Delhi (from elsewhere in the country) with Grallo. A full list of their services is listed on: If you book a place to stay with Soundtrot, one of the many benefits is that you’ll be around a host of other festival goers, making the Bacardi NH7 Weekender experience that much more fun. There will be welcome shots, in-room parties, in- formal ice-breakers and more. For more details, see: php?event=CHEV52720BCEC2226

Ticket Details

Rewarding long-time fans and limiting tickets to 9,000. This year BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender rewards its long-time fans. After having more than 15,000 thrilled festivalgoers in Pune on the final day last year, the festival reduces the number of tickets to 9,000 in each city this year. The festival ticket will also be priced at exactly the same amount as the previous year (Rs. 3,000) for people who have been part of the BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender journey or attended any of the OML festivals in the past. In Delhi, tickets are priced at Rs 3,750 for a Season Pass, Rs. 3,000 for a Season Pass for the NH7 Community and Rs 1,500 for an Under-21 Season Pass. Tickets are now available at http://

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