The 5-step guide to nailing your event PR

It’s no hidden secret that Live events no matter what scale, need to work like a well oiled machine to ensure every aspect goes as per plan. An integral but very much taken for granted aspect is the communications aspect; be it digital, content creation or PR. Having worked over hundreds of live events, one thing for sure is that a good communications plan is your best bet when in times of crisis. A simple listicle to keep in mind hence…


Plan your promises, plan your promises to keep those promises and then plan some more

When it comes to any live event, there's no throwing around the word "planning" too much. But what's important to understand is that PR and communications needs to be involved with the event planning pretty much from day zero! Logistical nightmares often go unnoticed by ambitious planners and a good PR expert is genetically wired to imagine the best and plan for the worst. PR counsels are equipped to find out the chinks in the armour and what better than having a constant crisis control compatriot by your side. So while you're busy planning the "next supersuccessful event", ensure that you rope in PR that is in sync with your vision, your abilities and possesses the capability to plan with you along the way.

Your event is your baby with its own personality

Every event, however big or small, has an identity that belongs in one of three categories - 1) what the event thinks of itself 2) what people think of the event and 3) what people expect from the event and what it delivers is the exact same thing! Now this tug of war between expectation and delivery could be good or it could be bad. A hands-on PR machinery from "conception" focuses on building the event as a favourable brand and this requires mad skills such as marrying the scale of the event with the target audience; revealing the event in a manner that develops its identity - gives it allure and depth. If your event is not already a much loved, much awaited institution, then you're going to need PR more than ever to forge that path for you, that connection you need with your audience. PR disciplines your event and makes sure you are not handing over a cranky, diaper-rashed, bawling baby over to the babysitter.

How about a scoop of marmalade mint chocolate with berry flavoured exploding candy? 

Gone are the days of anything vanilla! Our lives are governed by social media and every new digital platform may it be Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat or Vine or Facebook or Tumblr has its own distinct flavour and fits differently into the grand scheme of PR planning. While every platform has a role to play at a particular juncture in the plan, your audience does not see it that way at all. They are focused on consumption and consumption alone. So it is up to PR to work out the feeding hours and what can be fed when! Over-feeding may lead to being totally put off or scale your event upwards to a degree where you are not equipped to manage those kind of numbers. But if you invest in the "classic reveal" and tantalise your audience, the Lost Party being the perfect example, you are in a position to accurately measure interaction, track sales and work towards a smooth orchestration. At this very moment, a Snapchat story or an Instagram video has more potential to engage the target audience than a TV spot or a print ad.

Brand Ambassadors are your totem pole 

At the end of the day, an event is a product that you're peddling to people and they have to buy it and have a positive experience to become loyal to it. Just like every other product in our billion dollar advertising industry. A brand ambassador with great event PR planning and supervision is your gateway to tapping into a huge chunk of like-minded audiences. Your PR machinery should be competent enough to deliver a plan that makes the most out of your ambassador or influeners or evangelists. Sticking to the message while pushing creative boundaries to fit both event and ambassador personalities in the same boat is another seasoned PR skill. You cannot have your brand ambassador speaking and acting like someone who doesn't belong at your event. Your ambassador should be the totem pole of your event - he or she has got to "represent"!

PR consultants are sniffer dogs when it comes to tracking SUCCESS! 

You did your event! It was kickass! Your excitement is insurmountable! You wanna go again! So do you do it the same way, same time, same place, next year? Do you plan it bi-annually? Do you model your future plans based on your present success? But, hang on! How do you do that? PR to the rescue! If there's one thing every PR consultant can do exponentially well is tabulate success. Ticket sales are an easy reckoner of a successful event but there's a lot more science to those numbers than you can imagine. Remember our friend Twitter? Your brand ambassador used it a lot to promote your event. Did that work or did the Facebook posts revealing the location garner more footfalls? The answer is with your PR team! PR helps you put your parameters in place right from the beginning to measure your success (and failure as well)!

In conclusion the boundaries of content/ digital/ Pr are thin. They overlap, merge and are synced to precision as one solid unit! Plan in advance, rightsource a great team and you know exactly where to invest and what to tweak!

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