The 5 Guys Project launch 'The Design Forum', a platform for design and installation


Creativity and Art always go hand in hand. While the former allows you to afford excessive freedom for your thoughts the later is a medium of how you can bring the same to reality. In an attempt to create one-of-a-kind platform to bridge the distance between the experiential events industry and the art & design space, The 5 Guys Project and ICWF have conceptualized, The Design Forum (TDF).

The 2015 inaugural edition of TDF is an initiative to break the conventional style of approaching design and to instigate dialogue and creativity as it focuses on different formats of interactive art and installations and its relevance to the domain of events in terms of appropriateness, functionality & beauty. Scheduled to be held on April, 5 at the Garden Terraces, Fortune Park, DJ Avenue TDF aims at bringing forward the crossover of art & experience in its true sense, by transforming spaces into intriguing experiential zones.

EE caught up with two members of “The 5 Guys Project” in an exclusive interview, where Samit Garg, CEO of E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and Rajesh Varma, Founder Director at CRI Events spoke about the concept of The Design Forum, the idea behind it and so much more.

When asked upon the idea behind the conceptualization of The Design Forum, Samit Garg shares- “TDF is a cumulative effort and behind this initiative is the 5 of us. We wanted to add another dimension to the initiative of designs. We have been scouring the country for designers and artists who can add value to event spaces, both indoor and outdoor – offering brands the opportunity to create a dynamic, urban presence or families to actualize engaging spaces for social events. Our research has led us from the more obvious to little-known forms of installations that offer a completely blank canvas with incredibly exciting possibilities. We’ve all witnessed the growing trends and unending demand of innovation. Now brands and families have started thinking the same way, demanding experiences that catalyze interaction, action and dialogue.”

Adding to this point, Rajesh Varma says-“Having designed and executed 2 editions of ICWF, we felt a need to create a platform to encourage growth in an area we felt was lacking in the experiential space both in corporate and social and that thought gave birth to TDF, we are sure it will be an enriching experience for all".

When asked upon what are the key areas where an even organizer can creatively integrate an installation? To this Rajesh Varma responds by saying- “installations can easily headline an event. They can be placed at the entrance and can also be used as a centerpiece of event. They can also be used in a periphery to depict a key message or they can also be made part of a main stage.”

Samit Garg continues-“The word “installation” itself refers to a head turner, something that effectively turns to be the show stopper at the event and a good installation can be used accordingly. To cite an example we were doing an event where we came up with this idea of creating wall patches on the ceilings and on the walls, this thought led us to carry forward the installation to the entire venue so the entire venue ended up becoming an installation and was appreciated by all.”

But how can an organizer get to know about the ideal price bracket for a good installation or get it touch with the creators of one. To this Samit says- A key objective of ours is to make our industry colleagues aware of such possibilities. A list of 6-7 good designers like Rajiv Sethi, Jwalant Mahadevwala, Anuj Anjaria & Tarang Sagara, Rebecca Ruebens, Mukesh Yadav, Zuby Johal, Rajiv Subba are coming together who specialize in designing with a particular object. TDF aims to showcase their talent too so The Design Forum also acts as a meeting point between the organizers of events and the designers.

Commenting of the price bracket of an ideal installation Rajesh Varma said,” There is no fixed price bracket to such installations; they can range from 5 Lakhs to even 50 Lakhs depending upon its size and creation.

“Through TDF, we are not looking to towards the participation of 1000 or 5000 people in, our aim is to get 200 like minded people who have keen interest in exposing themselves to the possibilities that exist in the world of designs and installations", completes Samit.

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