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In such stiff competition, all brands are competing in the race of standing out from their fellow competitors and making their events larger than life. What helps them in achieving this goal is by integrating technology in their ventures. Technology that keeps changing every minute every second holds immense potential in amplifying an event. By integrating the most appropriate technology in your event, it can create wonders.

Marketers repetitively face challenges in order to break through the clutter to create brand experiences which seek appropriate emotional and rational responses from their target consumers helping them to accomplish their objectives.

When we talk about making our events better and different from our competitors, we need to think out of the box and provide our target consumers with a platter full of fancy, special and unusual dishes. Today what a potential buyer wants to invest in is something that is new, latest, and beneficial as well. Just by partnering with technology, events can become all the more engaging and welcoming.

Technology is present everywhere and it can become insurmountable distraction to help brands achieving indelible experiences that can spark long term relationships.

Samsung PROM audience measurement system is a great technology which if incorporated can be highly interesting and engaging. This system uses a camera along with facial recognition software to identify the gender, reaction and ethnicity to advertisements shown on the screen. Just by considering this data, this interactive system can showcase different advertisements catering to the audience standing in front of the monitor screen.

This is a great technology that can be used for demonstrating products at trade shows, by displaying features and benefits of a product based on demographics and reactions of the potential audience. Another bright way of application of this technology can be at events where participants put on their web cams, giving the organizer the liberty to customize content based on the information received through the attendees on each screen. It is a great way to make an event virtually interactive and engaging.

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Kaon V-osk is another interactive technology that can amplify an event to a great extent. Kaon creates three dimensional high definition models of products to assist the sales and marketing department of brands in showcasing the features and benefits of their products. This virtual kiosk provides an interactive touch screen that enables users to interact with a product virtually. Salient features can be programmed into each layer of the high definition, 3D image. This is a great feature to be incorporated in tradeshows, corporate events and museums etc. It eliminates the need to ship or store products at events. It’s a game changer technology for brands, who intend to sell consumer appliances, food processing machinery, medical equipments or any other small or big equipment that needs storage capacity which can be avoided by displaying the products on this kiosk. The V-OSK presenter is a great medium to provide in-depth and engaging sessions. Also by making the solutions available on web, it helps in building great ROI.

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Using RFID in your events is another great opportunity. Alliance Tech’s ‘Intelligent’ series of products allow brands to comprehend attendance, manage surveys, understand demonstration visits, create leads etc. Adding more to it Alliance Tech is also exploring pre and post event behavior of consumers along with media monitoring to give a 360 degree view of audience behavior to its clients. Once brought into existence for application RFID can be a great technology to enable brands to collect real-time data that can be used to customize experiences and generate long term analytics that will lead to consistent brand performances.

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Last but not the least is MIT’s six sense augmented reality that combines visual and 3D environments with virtual information creating a fusion of the real world and its relevant data. Several companies have invested in creating augmented reality applications for smart phones but the most compelling example is from a wearable computer from MIT. It lets you interpret attendee, brand, speaker and product information instantly through a personal projection onto any surface. Other versions can include audio cues through headphones or displays into eye glasses. Quite an interesting and cool technology as such can add immense value to an event once ready.

This shift in the way a brand hosts its events these days as compared to earlier times is largely designated to the usage of technology. Technology has beautifully amplified today’s events and simply made them larger than life.

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