Teamwork Arts to curate 3-part monthly event on full moon nights 'Under the Banyan Tree on A Full Moon Night'

Entertainment company Teamwork Arts curates another immersive experience for music aficionados in Delhi. Kicking off as a three-part monthly series, Under the Banyan Tree on A Full Moon Night will mark the advent of the full moon in the months of April, May and June respectively, at 1AQ, Mehruali, Near Qutub Minar.


Under the
Banyan Tree – Concert will bring together different traditions in Indian music.
The audience will witness music maestros perform under the tranquil repose
of a banyan tree with minarets of the iconic – The Qutub Minar –  as
the backdrop. Baithak-style evenings, where the moonlight and music
will blend to recreate the poetic charm of traditional musical gatherings,
offering audiences an intimate experience with the like-minded and an
opportunity to engage with the musicians as well. The evening will also feature
culinary delights conjured up by connoisseurs of traditional Indian food with a
modern twist.


Indian music is as dynamic
and diverse as the country itself. The first evening of the series on 
29thApril, 2018features three artistes who
represent the vibrancy and rootedness of rich Indian musical traditionThey are: 
Azeem Ahmed Alvi (North meets South - Sitar);
Ujwal Nagar (Hindustani Classical - Vocalist); and Qutbi Brothers Qawwal (Sufi
Music - Qawwali). 


Born into
a family steeped in classical Indian music, Azeem Ahmed Alvi started
learning music from his father, Ustad Sayyed Ahmed Alvi, from the age of six.
He gave his first performance when he was twelve years old and has, since then,
performed at various prestigious music festivals in India and across the world
including Japan, Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, China, Austria, UK and many more.
Known as one of the leading sitar (string instrument) players
of the world, he has dabbled in diverse genres like Sufi, Flamenco, Jazz,
Electronica & Western Classical music.


Ujwal Nagar - A recipient of the Sahitya
Kala Parishad
scholarship from Delhi as well as several other
accolades for his relentless pursuit of Indian classical music, Ujwal Nagar has
made his mark on the world stage as composer and vocalist. His collaboration
with the USA based pianist Terry McCaw, under the group name Yogini,
made an impressive impact with music enthusiasts. Ujjwal’s ongoing
collaborative work with the group Advaita has also been
greatly appreciated by classical music connoisseurs and fans of world music


there are the Qutbi Brothers, one of India’s most celebrated qawwali singers.
They are the inheritors of a 750-year-old tradition nurtured and developed over
several generations by great luminaries. In their career spanning decades, they
have enthralled audience all over the world in several prestigious
music festivals.


the series, Sanjoy K. Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts, said, “Each
time we put together a programme, our endeavor is to bring before the
enthusiasts once-in-a-lifetime experiences, that they may cherish eternally.
Our team’s effort in designing a particular event is a deep understanding and
appreciation for the arts and artistes, the minutiae of what makes an
incomparable experience and as well as the pulse of the audience.



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