Teacher's 50: Celebrating 25 Years Whisky Experience For Whisky Aficionados

Teacher's 50 is a Smoky and Flavourful combination for the Indian palate


Teacher’s 50, intendes to commemorate India's 50 years of Independence, was made from different Scotch whiskies consisting of 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky. The foundation of teachers is built on a strong conviction of right and wrong set by William Teacher, who came from impoverished conditions but succeeded due to his entrepreneurial acumen and his progressive mindset. 

A mindset that spoke of workers’ rights, freedom, and liberty. His sons, William Jr and Adam carried these principles forward as they scaled the brand outside of Scotland into England, South America, Australia, and beyond. It is a brand that has an urban soul, a peaty spine, and a Highland spirit –all blended to perfection. The single malt and single grain Scotch whiskies are meticulously selected and matured for a minimum of 12 years. 

A Smoky and Flavourful combination for the Indian palate 

The Ardmore Distillery's flavors can be found in the rich and full-bodied blended scotch whiskies. The length of time a malt whisky was smoked over a peat fire determines its smokiness, especially with a high percentage of single malt that has been thoroughly peated. It can be preserved for several weeks once it has been dried. 

At Ardmore, there are eight different-shaped copper stills, each working to produce a smooth spirit. Low wines are then transferred to the Spirit Still, where the distillation process is repeated and the second distillation's heart is conserved to be matured into single malt whiskey. Teacher’s 50 is notable for its high portion of fully peated single malt and to this day, it continues with its distinctive, rich flavor. 

Uncompromising Quality and Character 

Traditional distillation methods, including both large and small oak barrels, have been used to skillfully handcraft the malt and grains for Teacher’s 50. The resulting blends are infused with Teacher's Scotch Whisky's rich, smoky, and identifiable flavor. 

The bottle's robust maltiness, with its rich amber hue and golden highlights, offers an extraordinarily rich and substantial flavor with a distinctly sophisticated smoothness which fades to unveil softer, fruitier flavors of apple, pears, and thick honey at the climax. The consequence of maturation is obtained in two types of casks, first in American and European Oak casks, and then subsequently in Islay Casks to give it a distinctively smokey and peaty flavor with a strong maltiness on the nose.  

Availability of Teacher’s 50 

From grain to glass, the whisky is meticulously crafted to achieve a depth of flavor that is quite unmatched and sophisticated. The unique offering is available across all major markets in India.  

The Best Way to Drink Teacher’s 50?

The whisky's aroma profile is enhanced by double maturation in a diverse array of American and European casks, preceded by a finish in ex-Islay casks. The beauty of the marriage of the bold flavors of malt whisky and the smooth complexity of grain whisky permits for a long finish on the palate, close to how the flavors of Mughlai cuisine linger. The rich aroma of kebabs, curries, and rice dishes, as well as its powerful flavors, is an excellent match with Teacher’s 50. 

For example Galouti Kebab with Sheermal paired with Teacher’s 50 On The Rocks  

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