Tata Mumbai Marathon introduces medal for 42k finishers and those who inspired them

Procam International, promoters of the Tata Mumbai Marathon announced the ‘Inspiration Medal’ – a world’s first-of-its-kind marathon medal. The Inspiration Medal is a creative outcome of the collaboration between Procam International and Chlorophyll Innovation Lab, the Innovations Partner for the event.


The Tata Mumbai Marathon will reward all 42k finishers and the ones who inspired them to #BeBetter with this unique medal. The Inspiration Medal is a symbol of victory and inspiration together. At first glance, it looks like one medal. But force it apart and you will see two different medals.

On this occasion, Vivek Singh, Joint MD, Procam International said "We know that a full marathon is life changing and everyone who completes a marathon has someone who has inspired them – someone who has been instrumental in helping them become a finisher. The TATA Mumbai Marathon is in its 15th edition and through the launch of the ‘Inspiration Medal,’ we aim to honour that person who made ‘I Finish ‘possible. A simple gesture to honour that inspiration, will make many others share their stories. The world needs greater positive inspiration, and the marathon inspiration medal is a step in that direction.”

A key finding of a large-scale research conducted with runners in 2017, was the important role played by the families, friends and supporters that kept the runners going. The preparations for a marathon requires 8-10 months of dedication and perseverance and the ‘Inspiration Medal’ is a symbol of recognition for both, runners and their inspiration.

On the occasion, Chitresh Sinha, CEO, Chlorophyll Innovation Labs says, “As Innovation Partners to Procam International, the opportunity to turn a symbol of victory into an innovative symbol of inspiration was extremely exciting for us. The TATA Mumbai Marathon is not just one of the biggest sporting platforms in Asia but is also one of the biggest sources of inspiration. The ‘Inspiration Medal’ celebrates this spirit.”

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