Take a pledge to be a happy adult, this Children’s Day

KLAY believes that Happy Adults = Happy Children and that adults play a crucial role in a child’s early years.


This Children’s Day, KLAY (Kids Learning And You) Prep Schools and Day Care intends to encourage all adults to take a pledge towards being a happy adult who in turn, will aid in raising happy children; may it be parents, extended family members or teachers, who engage with children on a daily basis.

The objective is to bring attention to the impact of an adult’s mental health on a child’s emotional upbringing. With the campaign theme, “To Raise a Happy Child, First Raise Your Hand”, KLAY is expecting to draw as many adults to take this pledge in order to raise happy and confident children this Children’s Day.

Studies show that children of parents with high stress levels or mental illnesses have greater risks of experiencing emotional, psychological and behavioral problems. Teachers also hold a major responsibility to create a positive environment in the classroom for children to learn and grow in a wholesome manner. Therefore, it’s essential for any adult who engages with a child to have a healthy mental state in order to nurture them into becoming happier people in the future. Taking forward its central theme of ‘Happy Adults = Happy Children’, KLAY aims to educate adults on how their state of mind can affect children, through this pledge campaign. 

In order to take the pledge, one can visit -

Deadline for taking the pledge – 30th November 2019

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