Swamp Soccer India: a spectacle or sport?


Convergence Events Pvt Ltd has signed exclusive rights with Swamp Soccer UK Ltd; the first-ever tournament will be held in four Indian metro cities and the winners will qualify for the Swamp Soccer World Cup 2014 in Scotland.

Swamp Soccer, as the name suggests, is a soccer game played on a wet marshy swamp pitch and it is currently played across eight different countries Belgium, Finland, Brazil, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and China.

Mumbai-based Convergence Events Pvt Ltd has signed exclusive rights with the Scotland-based company, Swamp Soccer UK Ltd, for Swamp Soccer India.

With an aim to meet India’s increasing demand for fun filled, adventurous and adrenaline events, Convergence Events Pvt Ltd, have developed sports based Intellectual Property, which will provide a unique experience to the participants. “Swamp Soccer India is a shorter, fun and faster version of football. Play dirty and go back to your childhood days. The format of the game is very interesting and ever since I came across this sport, I decided to get this exciting event property to India. I see a very strong potential in this format of the game in India. We plan to kick-start the event in four metro cities of India and in the subsequent years we will extend it to 10-12 cities of India,” says Mr Kamlesh Sharma, Managing Director, Convergence Events Pvt Ltd. 

Swamp Soccer originated in Finland in the late 90s and is owned by Mr Stewart Miller, a Scottish national. “We are very excited to be working closely with Convergence Events, to help them launch Swamp Soccer India in 2014. In the developed world and in emerging economies there is a growing appetite amongst the younger population to try something completely different. Swamp Soccer is unique, fun, extreme and inclusive,” says Mr Stewart Miller, Founder & Director, Swamp Soccer World Cup and Swamp Soccer UK Ltd.

The first-ever swamp soccer tournament will be held in four metro cities – New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mumbai in April 2014. The competition will be kicked-off on 5th April, 2014 in New Delhi and will end with the championship match on 27th April, 2014 in Mumbai.

As many as 128 teams – 32 from each city – will be a part of the first-ever tournament and of which, 16 teams will qualify for the league matches. There will be quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. The winners of Swamp Soccer India will represent India for the Swamp Soccer World Cup Tournament 2014, which will be held in June 2014 at Blairmore Farms in Scotland.

The marshy playing field is approximately 25 m long and 15 m wide. There is no off-side rule or penalty line, and each team can have an unlimited number of substitutes. Each game is thirty minutes in length consisting of two twelve-minute periods separated by a six-minute half-time break. “The players require real guts, coordination, determination and a very good washing powder,” Mr Sharma added.

Swamp soccer just might be the fastest growing sport in the world. It gets bigger each and every year, and its presence in India will be a testament to its momentum. Regardless of whether you like the new sport or not, one thing is certain, it’s quite entertaining to watch grown men playing in the mud.

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