Sunburn may not happen in Goa this year, go figure!

In the wake of the announcement by VH1 Supersonic about packing up and leaving the sunny shores of Goa for Pune, here’s another doozie for you- Sunburn may also be breaking up its decade long relationship with Goa due to what appears to be an ugly spat with the government.


The problems with Goa as the venue for Sunburn started surfacing several years ago. Sudden disproportionate traffic, policing of brash fans, narcotic abuse, safety and security were some of the concerns raised by local residents and authorities. But on the flipside the rewards that came with Sunburn could not be ignored. Travel, tourism, local retail and hospitality sector flourished beyond expectations. Grumbling of locals or apprehension by police, every other issue appeared insignificant in front of the huge economic spinoff from Sunburn.

Complaints became louder with VH1 Supersonic coming into the picture in 2013. To make it clear it’s playing with the big boys VH1 Supersonic took Sunburn head-on in a bold move to host itself on the same dates. Moreover it came and strategically infringed longtime Sunburn venue- Candolim beach. A nasty battle ensued between the organizers that resulted in Sunburn settling in Vagator as its new home.

Last year too there were speculations that Sunburn will move base somewhere else but balance was regained. This year does not look so promising.

“Sunburn is bleeding in Goa”, said a trusted source. “While at the macro level the government wants to cooperate, regulations are extremely decentralized in Goa. Organizers may have necessary approvals from police and authorities but a local panchayat can easily come and stop operations. Anyone who has even the slightest jurisdiction expects a bribe, and the list of demands and demanders is endless”, he adds.

We approached Karan Singh, CEO, Sunburn, who is in the middle of hastily exploring other venue options in Maharathra and Karnataka; this is what he had to say- “Goa has been symbolic for Sunburn but sadly it appears the time has come for us to say goodbye to our home. We are in advanced talks with possible alternative venues. Wherever we will go one thing is for sure that we will retain our legacy. We didn’t take a hit when we moved from Candolim to Vagator and we will not take a hit now. Sunburn fans and drawn by the event regardless of the venue”. In conclusion he added, “Although we are fully prepared to move to a new venue, Goa government has not yet replied to us with a firm ‘no’. We will make a formal announcement about our plans once we hear from them in about a week”.

Sources reveal that Aamby valley, DY Patil and townships in Hinjawadi in Pune are strongly being considered as possible venues by organizers in Percept.

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