Stage time is limited but the scope to prepare and improve yourself is unlimited: Sayanti Banerjee

In a free-wheeling chat with Everything Experiential, Sayanti tells us about her love for the stage and more. Read on.


Live Industry is teeming with great talent. From social to corporate events, from stand-up gigs to high voltage awards, it is no surprise to witness talented youngsters taking to stage and dominating it. Amongst this talented brigade, Sayanti Banerjee has made a mark for herself. And it's not just the stage, Banerjee's talent stretches from hosting to writing and performing arts. 

In a free-wheeling chat with Everything Experiential, she tells us about her love for the stage and more.

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What has your journey as an emcee been like? 

I have always been a people’s person. So meeting new people and talking to them has always been a passion. Entertaining friends with witty one liners also comes naturally to me. So translating the same as an anchor on stage, has been a fulfilling experience. 

How do you think this profession has aided your career?

I was a journalist earlier and realised while doing interviews that I was better with my verbal communication skill. YouTube was my next move in collaboration with production houses like Sooperfly of 120 Media Conglomerate and currently One Digital Entertainment. This worked as my new resume and I got to host content for various brands as an anchor for their YouTube channel as well. This led the way to get selected as Tata Sky Beauty show host on channel 119 for fashion and beauty episodes. 

You have been credited with many firsts in the ‘Live Experience’ space, tell us about that.

Every event is an experience. The organisers are different, the audience is different, the energy level is different and the expectations are different. For example, I realised that the client will keep altering the script, till you get on to the stage. But you cannot be nervous. Just be confident, smile and take charge. Also if any unpleasantness comes your way, just ignore and focus on the performance. You can take care of any show flow by being calm and staying alert. Everything else can be sorted out later. 

What do you think are the drawbacks of being in this profession? 

Like any glamourous profession, your next project is uncertain. Also, people have their favorites, irrespective of talent.

Also, you might have to follow up on the payments forever and hopefully, they will be credited. While brands and organizations can be trusted for their reputation, you need to be very careful while working with startups, unknown agencies, and new event coordinators, about the work and payment. It is best to get all doubts cleared beforehand and let go if still not sure.  

Tell us about the experiential side of being an Emcee?

You get to run the show literally. Dressing up, looking your best and getting all attention on the stage is a wow feeling in itself. You get to make your voice heard and control the energy of the audience. This is the experience that stays on with you for life and gives you a sense of achievement beyond the anchor fee. 

You’ve worked with multiple brands: how has the collaboration worked for you?

It has been a great learning experience working with different brands and different people. They have their unique styles and requirements, that makes me get better in my chosen profession. 

It also helps in networking for the future and not being dependent on anyone's brand or a set of people for work or appreciation. 

What are the other activities that you are involved in apart from being in this profession?

I have a youtube channel, blog and social media presence by the name Wow Detector. I love creating lifestyle and travel content. I also host shows on Tata Sky Beauty and for a few other brands on their channels and YouTube spaces. 

Personally I am a fitness enthusiast and I love dancing and doing yoga.

What is the scope of making a career in a profession like this one in the events industry?

In this age of youtube and social media, content has an archive value so every performance goes beyond the stage and event. Also, it helps an anchor to get more work across different mediums like television and YouTube to mention a few, apart from live events. 

What made you decide to take up emceeing as a fulltime career?

Being an emcee helps me to combine my communication skills, people skill and grooming skill at the same time. While how I speak is important, how I look is equally important. This is where my sense of style, makeup, fashion comes in. 

To err is only human. Tell us about an on-stage epic fail that still makes you cringe.

Last-minute changes in the names with difficult pronunciations are always a pain. Also, to read the last minute changes in hand-written slips with a smile, while on the stage is an art. I am still working on them.

Thankfully I have never had the 'stage fear' since my childhood but there are situations that come up. These situations will keep cropping up. Thankfully, the saving grace has always been a quick apology with a blend of humour. 

If you could, what would be your advice to yourself as a newcomer in the industry?

It is never too late to claim the throne! (On a lighter note). So forget about competition and upgrade yourself to be the best version of you! Try everything you feel will work and somethings will work out. Whatever does not work out will be a learning experience as well. 

A word to aspiring emcees?

Stage time is limited but the scope to prepare and improve yourself is unlimited. Make the best use of your free time to prepare and pitch to as many brands as possible and stay happy to make your audience happy! 

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