Sorted- A “No-Faf” Digital Marketing Masterclass - Inspired by my Mother: Pawan Sarda Group CMO, Future Group

Everyone needs to check on their mental health and look for a positive outlook. I have got my positivity from my Mom writes Sarda.


Last few months have been tough. No one is able to predict the future. There is no playbook to address personal, professional or financial ambiguity. A large part of the world is battling this on a daily basis.

Everyone needs to check on their mental health and look for a positive outlook. I have got my positivity from my Mom. She is 70. One day, she told me, Isn’t this the right time to follow your passion vs waiting endlessly for a better tomorrow.? I heard her but had no answer as my mind was all over the place. Her point was simple, we are entering a new era, new world. We need to accept the change and make most of it. Honestly, at that point, I didn’t understand much.

Next moment, I got to know her desire to sing and express her talent through her own YouTube channel. She is a bhajan singer and wants to share her voice with the world.

I was taken aback, took a pause and felt really proud of her. This gave me the strength to question myself and ask, what do I want to do? I love sharing my knowledge, my thoughts and my life lessons. When I look back into 6-7 years, one subject which has made me feel like a curious child is the world of Digital. A large part of my generation feels it's complexed. This is what I wanted to address. I feel, once you understand the logic, it’s the most beautiful world. That’s where the idea of Sorted was born, a digital marketing masterclass, along with 2 of my partners, Aarti Samant and Apurv Singh. Collectively we bring learning of more than 30 years. We have a common vision of cutting all the “faf” out and enabling people to make more money with digital marketing.

We also did a few fact checks, learning Digital marketing has been the 2nd largest search on google. Pandemic has put a lot of pressure on startup businesses and professionals. A big question for them is “How to recruit new customers?”  Television medium is for big-budget brands. Press distribution is limited. How does one recruit customers? Time spent on our phone during this period has been the highest ever. That's when I knew, businesses will find a most engaged audience here with most efficient spends.

We did a dipstick among various professionals and these were the questions-

-To chase reach or conversion for an offline business? 

-How does one do last-mile attribution in the offline world?

-Not sure where to focus- Facebook, Google, OTT and so on.

-ROI- the big question mark?

We took up the above insights and have built our masterclass accordingly.  We also knew that what works for one business, may not work for others. Sense of personalization was a must. Our masterclass is built on hacks to create both organic and paid reach. So that one achieves maximum ROI.

We have trained more than 250 professionals across sectors like retail, fashion brands, FMCG, BCFI and many start-up businesses. We have been associated with businesses like Aditya Birla, Reliance, Shoppers Stop, Adidas etc.

One can find us at and follow us on Instagram @sorted_digital 

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