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Live from the Console (LFTC) is Sony BMG’s indie baby. Almost three years old, the property has risen to new heights with every passing gig. It has seen big names such as Monica Dogra, Pentagram and Siddharth Basrur on stage. It has become the numero-uno a platform for discovering new alternative music and even its routine pre-gig documentary screenings draw up crowd of their own.

Shridhar Subramaniam, President – India & Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment, looks elated at the latest edition of LFTC, held at Mehboob Studios in Bandra. He immediately starts off by telling me about the inception of the property. ‘We began this property more than two and half years ago before the scene was what it has become now. We felt that we needed a platform for artists who are not necessarily discovered. So almost everybody that you will see on the stage, are playing at a very early stage in their career.’

Like Mr. Shridhar said, the performing artists Mosko, Nicholson and Sasha Chettri were relatively new faces on the scene. However that didn’t stop them from whipping up well-rounded performances that spanned genres such as pop, electric and dance music.

LFTC is surely one of Mumbai’s better ‘scenes’, and it is commendable that everything from conceptualisation to production to marketing is done internally.

We particularly loved the grungy and underground-ish feel at the venue. It was a conscious decision to go with it, asserts Mr. Shridhar. ‘We wanted to go for a no frills, no fanfare, no buzz and inexpensive outing (the drinks are cheap) and this fit our bill perfectly. Also if you notice, there are no sponsors. There’s no “Budweiser presents” or “Puma presents” or anything like that. It’s a straight, underground live scene.’

Doesn’t LFTC sound perilously like NH7’s The Scene? Why not collaborate? ‘It is like The Scene. In fact, they came in later. But our view is that we want to do it in a venue that is not already known for music. Otherwise you’re just one night in another venue. The point is to draw people to a venue that to go to specifically.’

By now, LFTC has definitely achieved the status of must-attend gigs for any scenester, but there’s always more room for bigger ideas. ‘The plan is to take it to other cities. We want to go to Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. But the key thing is to find iconic venues in these cities, and as you realize this isn’t much of a money making thing as much as it is about artists connecting with new fans and people connecting with each other,’ he says before signing off.

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