Slay Coffee collaborates with HaikuJAM for "A Haiku Evening"

The poetry jamming session is expected to reach more than 5000 people on the platform.


As the country enters “Unlock 1.0”, life around us has fundamentally changed. If not forever, we’ll be seeing the impact of these changes for a long time to come. While things around us may be getting back to normal, the pandemic isn’t going away any time soon and the recommended precautions still need to be adhered to. Staying at home is going to be the norm unless it’s absolutely necessary for someone to be stepping out.

Our SLAY At Home initiative is now 2 activities old and we’re pleased to announce the 3rd and the latest activity under it – ‘A Haiku Evening’, a Haiku challenge in partnership with HaikuJAM. Haiku is a form of micro poetry with origins in Japan which typically consists of 3 lines written with 5, 7, and 5 syllables in each of the lines respectively. Often unrhymed, Haikus have been quite popular through the ages and cover a range of topics that people write Haikus on.

One of the most popular platforms across the world focused on writing Haikus which also acts as a social networking site where one could connect with others is HaikuJAM. Haikus help you unleash your creativity and also helps you have fun, relax, and feel better by expressing yourself freely and easily. The positive positioning of the platform was a natural fitment for SLAY Coffee and made it easier for us to choose HaikuJAM as our next partner for our SLAY At Home activity.

The HaikuJAM Challenge For SLAY will go live on 6th June, 2020 and will be open to all members on the HaikuJAM platform and will give them a chance to write their hearts out for an opportunity to win some cool SLAY Coffee hampers. This is in continuation of our belief in helping our customers SLAY At Home during these trying times and HaikuJAM gives us another platform and another large set of audience to reach out to.

There will be no restriction on what people want to write about and it will be open to all without any entry fee. All we want is for people to have another reason to stay safe at home and be able to do interesting activities without having the need to step out. Starting this June, our partnership with HaikuJAM will be long term and we currently plan to launch an engagement activity like this one every quarter.

We’re expecting to reach out to about 3000-5000 people on the platform and give them a taste of what we mean by SLAY At Home. 

To participate, simply download the HaikuJAM app, the link to which is available on the @haikujam's IG page.

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